Monday, November 28, 2022
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Flexible Isolators

In our manufacturing facility, classified as ISO 7/8, we produce, in accordance with GMP requirements and clients’ specific needs, continuous liners and flexible isolators, sometimes called glove bags, to confine all the exposed operations or temporarily modified the inner atmosphere (cleaner area, low humidity or inert needs).
Similar to plastic bubbles with gloves, filters, zippered doors, wires and hoses pass through and any required tools, they are usually ad hoc products. They are made of basic pharma low-density polyethylene or Polyurethene films directly supplied by CSV Containment, but we can also transform material provided by third parties indicated by the end customers.
The always-increasing quality of our work and the effort to improve constantly have led several costumers to authorize us as Qualified flexible technology supplier.

Flexible Isolators Latest Posts

Rotating dryer drum charging and discharging.

Drum charging and discharging in a rotating dryer have always been critical issues. However, CSV Containment doesn’t stop at much of anything! There are several problems concerning drum charging and discharging operations in a rotating dryer, first of all because of the need to contain coupling and decoupling at any charging step. In the second place, […]

Realizing custom flexible isolators in a short time: this is our mission!

A success story: the realization of Containment Flexible Isolators for an R&D department dedicated to the Pharmaceutical Technology of Oral Solid Products. CSV Containment isolators are proving to be more and more flexible, not only in terms of material but also in terms of how, where, and when they are used. The “how” is experienced […]

Flexible isolators for OSD facility: all CSV Containment services and solutions.

As in the case of OSD facility, the flexibility of flexibles it is not simply a play on words, but a feature that CSV Containment knows how to make the most of. In order to assure a containment performance in an OSD facility, within OEB4 and OEB5 classes, CSV Containment has faced a particular request […]

QC Lab Flexible Isolators: a focus on laboratory safety and quality control

Our QC lab flexible isolators are designed with you in mind to improve your work safety and quality. But, how can you increase work safety through upgrades that still guarantee process quality standards? Laboratory quality control (QC) is a necessary activity to eliminate the risk of non-compliant outcomes. Indeed, lab QC ensures that all the […]

Disposable and single use Split Valve for Reactor Charging and Sampling.

A new solution for Reactor Charging and Sampling through Disposable and Single Use Split Valve on Glove Bags, Charge Bags and Sampling Sleeves. Disposable Split Valve on Glove Bags: our charging solution is made of a clear and solvent resistant flexible isolator (antistatic PU or LDPE at choice), equipped with: 2 gloves a DN350 bag […]

Universal flexible dispensing skid.

New materials to tailor your flexible dispensing isolator and increase the safety. CSV Containment displays a universal dispensing isolator to improve the efficiency of your production processes in areas where highly active substances are handled. The disposable technologies can protect both the operator and the product during the filling, unloading, weighing and sampling of substances. The […]

Glass Reactor Manway ISOFLEX.

A new universal solution for Glass Reactor Charging. Whatch the video tutorial The glass reactor charging point is a manway, usually a PTFE cap, modified with a 4” o a 6” end  clamp that host an active EZIFLOW cassette. Here some pictures showing : the original Glass Reactor PTFE manway the end clamp modified PTFE manway […]

A performance isolator test to upgrade standard configuration machines.

CSV Containment offer a service of isolator test during the construction phase. These validation isolator test on flexible solutions are carried out by analyzing any leaks with the introduction of technical gas.The flexible enclosure is installed on the base frame of the machine, thus creating a volume suitable to be filled with helium gas, with very high […]