Monday, July 4, 2022

DIT® Technology

CSV Containment has designed and implemented a Double Iris Interface system, positioned as in a pass box, instead of the classic folding doors.

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Isolation Technology

Our rigid isolators are designed to perform high containment for fine particle size products and operations.

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Flexible Isolators

Different solutions of Isolators and Glove Bags with particular shapes and materials, aimed at confining the most different operations.


Liner & Special Devices

Several solutions in different shapes of continuous liners, crimp tools (Twin Tie®) and special valves.


Multipurpose rigid isolator: a single solution for numerous functioning Configurations.

Multipurpose rigid isolator is a CSV Containment combined approach to the GMP safety of both operators working in pharma industries and products to be...
flexible isolators structures

Flexible isolators for OSD facility: all CSV Containment services and solutions.

As in the case of OSD facility, the flexibility of flexibles it is not simply a play on words, but a feature that CSV...
isolator for liquid insidevideo

Vaccines filling isolator.

CSV Containment realized a vaccines filling isolator for liquid solutions to serve the pharma supply...

Fully automated contained Drum Handling system with Lump Breaker.

Lump Breaker or granulator: the solution for break up larger agglomerates improving the flow characteristics...

Flexible Isolator Disposable Split Valve.

New flexible dispensing isolator equipped with a disposable split valve to assure the safe handling...
csv containment - disposable reactor charging split valve detvideo

Disposable and single use Split Valve for Reactor Charging and Sampling.

A new solution for Reactor Charging and Sampling through Disposable and Single Use Split Valve...
Double Chamber Weighing Isolatorvideo

Double Chamber Weighing and Dispensing Isolator.

Double chamber weighing and dispensing isolator: a universal solution for weighing and dispensing raw material...
Flexible dispensingvideo

Universal flexible dispensing skid.

New materials to tailor your flexible dispensing isolator and increase the safety.
Interphex 2022 - Csv Containment

CSV Containment has come home from Interphex 2022 with important feedbacks.

It is nothing new that North America market is one of the most vivid and...

CSV Life Science Group at Pharmintech 2022.

CSV Life Science Group will attend Pharmintech with all its branches that are able to...

International Pharma Containment Webinar

The Pharma Containment Webinar

Pharma Containment Webinar


CSV Containment at HPAPI Summit on October 2-4, 2019, in Rome

Also CSV Life Science's team was present at the 5th-anniversary edition of the Highly Potent...
Powtech/Pharmintech 2019

CSV Containment returns from POWTECH 2019 and Pharmintech Exhibition with new challenges

CSV Containment returns from the Powtech Nürnberg with positive feelings and ready to start new projects. Last...


Glass Reactor Manway ISOFLEX.

A new universal solution for Glass Reactor Charging. Whatch the video tutorial The glass reactor charging point is a manway, usually a PTFE cap, modified with a...