Friday, August 19, 2022
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Isolation Technology

In our workshops, we manufacture and assemble rigid isolators and glove boxes. Representing more permanent solutions for customers’ containment needs, our rigid isolators are tailor-made in relation to the specific operation to be carried out, be it sampling, dispensing, equipment charging, offloading and so on. They can be made with a variety of materials, from stainless steel 304/316/316L up to Hastelloy C-22. We always involve our customers in the realization of their rigid isolator to show them step by step the project and adapt it to their needs, for example in the mock-up phase where they can see and get a more precise idea of the machine we are going to build. We also support our customers right up to the final validation and testing phase, for example with the leak and smepac tests.

Rigid Isolators Latest Posts

Drum Reactor Charging DRC XS: space to ideas.

Reactor charging operations are usually bound by space problems that make activities more complex. CSV Containment aims at simplifying the work for operators while still guaranteeing their safety. CSV Containment has been constantly improving its tried-and-tested DIT® iris system by reducing its volume and realizing more and more versatile and suitable reactor charging stations. The […]

Multipurpose rigid isolator: a single solution for numerous functioning Configurations.

Multipurpose rigid isolator is a CSV Containment combined approach to the GMP safety of both operators working in pharma industries and products to be manipulated.  A philosophy that finds a summary in this multipurpose rigid isolator. Our capability to realize tailor-made products enables us to design not merely versatile items, but also adaptable to costumer’s [...]

Contained Unloading System for a Rotating dryer trough a mill.

The main trait of Csv Containment is to find optimal containment solutions for every situation, even for pre-existing ones, as in the case of this Contained unloading system placed under a mill. Contained unloading system means assuring safe operation during a specific processing phase. In addition to this basic goal, having an overall view of […]

Vaccines filling isolator.

CSV Containment realized a vaccines filling isolator for liquid solutions to serve the pharma supply chain. The new vaccines filling isolator is an effective and ergonomic tool to perform activities in the production process that require liquid dosage accuracy and safety. The structure made of Aisi 316L stainless steel is intended and designed to contain […]

Contained Down Cross.

The Contained Down Cross is a practical solution to carry out small pharmaceutical processing and IPC activities directly in the production area, without using dedicated external rooms and therefore optimising the personnel and materials flow. Common Down Crosses create a protected area within their volume, where it is possible to handle products and processes and […]

Fully automated contained Drum Handling system with Lump Breaker.

Lump Breaker or granulator: the solution for break up larger agglomerates improving the flow characteristics of dry materials. After an extended storage, dry bulk materials may become compressed. Therefore, a lump breaker for de-agglomeration operations is required. Exposure to moisture can also form hard lumps that require more to tease apart. So, a lump breaker installed […]

Bench isolator – bright, transparent and rigid – that’s the solution.

Can a bench isolator with greater transparency characteristics than flexible materials be made that is both rigid and safe? The bench isolator with a Plexiglass double chamber by CSV Containment is a product that is completely transparent in all its parts, thanks to the high light transmittance factor guaranteed by Plexiglass. A material slightly better […]

Powder handling Dispensing Isolator.

Csv Containment’s dispensing isolator can fit all sizes of pharmaceutical containers. Safe handling of hazardous substances is now easier thanks to the DIT technology that equips this dispensing isolator. Drum Iris Technology is an innovative solution, created and patented by CSV Life Science. The double elastic barrier sealed to the drum, between the outside and […]