Monday, June 5, 2023
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Isolation Technology

In our workshops, we manufacture and assemble rigid isolators and glove boxes. Representing more permanent solutions for customers’ containment needs, our rigid isolators are tailor-made in relation to the specific operation to be carried out, be it sampling, dispensing, equipment charging, offloading and so on. They can be made with a variety of materials, from stainless steel 304/316/316L up to Hastelloy C-22. We always involve our customers in the realization of their rigid isolator to show them step by step the project and adapt it to their needs, for example in the mock-up phase where they can see and get a more precise idea of the machine we are going to build. We also support our customers right up to the final validation and testing phase, for example with the leak and smepac tests.

Rigid Isolators Latest Posts

ECP: from toxicology to a Containment Strategy

A proper containment strategy can be implemented, starting with a toxicology profile assessment performed by professionals in a pharmaceutical facility. OEL values (Occupational exposure limits derived from toxicological data) are used by pharmaceutical industries as a starting point to determine the containment strategy to apply, in the case of both a new facility and an […]

DIT® reactor charging: a double chamber system for high performance.

CSV Containment provides three DIT® reactor charging stations with double chamber for a new department for HPAPI production. DIT® reactor charging with double chamber for HPAPI production is the safest way to charge drums, even of different diameters, without changing any part of the equipment. The DIT® dual-chamber configuration allows for a unidirectional handling flow of drums […]

SMEPAC Monitoring.

Containment and capability: two words that tell the story of CSV Containment’s world, but they also summarize the meaning of SMEPAC monitoring, aimed at verifying the safety of operators and equipment. Indeed, SMEPAC monitoring (Standardized Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Concentration) is aimed at measuring the particulate containment performance of isolation systems used in the pharmaceutical […]

Synthesis and Dispensing HPAPI Containment.

Synthesis and dispensing in the pharmaceutical industry are certainly important phases where reliability and precision matter, but when high-potent substances are involved, safety matters even more. Synthesis and dispensing, isolator cleaning steps and all the other operations inside glove boxes require close attention, especially in the HPAPI sector. Attention that CSV Containment pays right from […]

Drum liquid transfer containment station.

In chemical and pharma processes, operators’ and products’ safety is becoming increasingly central. That is why a drum liquid transfer containment station is one of the tools that can make a difference. A drum liquid transfer containment station aims at containing the opening, liquid transferring, or liquid sampling phases and the closing phase while assuring […]

Three-chamber dispensing isolator with DIT® system.

A three-chamber dispensing isolator needs a suitable working space in a production area, but is it possible to use it by charging drums and discharging in a bin even in rooms with low heights?  Ergonomics is crucial when working, whether it is a three-chamber dispensing isolator or a drum discharging system. CSV Containment is well […]

Glove Box for Chemical Synthesis in a pilot plant.

CSV Containment realized a glove box for a chemical laboratory handling highly active substances in a pilot plant, which requires safe working conditions just as much as production areas. However, the spaces, quantities, and times differ in the two environments, and specific dedicated solutions, such as in the case of this glove box, are designed […]

Drum Reactor Charging DRC XS: space to ideas.

Reactor charging operations are usually bound by space problems that make activities more complex. CSV Containment aims at simplifying the work for operators while still guaranteeing their safety. CSV Containment has been constantly improving its tried-and-tested DIT® iris system by reducing its volume and realizing more and more versatile and suitable reactor charging stations. The […]