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Isolation Technology

In our workshops, we manufacture and assemble rigid isolators and glove boxes. Representing more permanent solutions for customers’ containment needs, our rigid isolators are tailor-made in relation to the specific operation to be carried out, be it sampling, dispensing, equipment charging, offloading and so on. They can be made with a variety of materials, from stainless steel 304/316/316L up to Hastelloy C-22. We always involve our customers in the realization of their rigid isolator to show them step by step the project and adapt it to their needs, for example in the mock-up phase where they can see and get a more precise idea of the machine we are going to build. We also support our customers right up to the final validation and testing phase, for example with the leak and smepac tests.

Rigid Isolators Latest Posts

Powder Dispensing and Bottle Packaging.

Powder dispensing and bottle packaging can be safely performed in a single machine in a very narrow space? Maybe with a guillotine operation… Powder dispensing and bottle packaging can be safely performed in an OEB5 isolator thanks to the pneumatic guillotine, an internal vertical door. But what benefits does this configuration offer? Understandably, not all […]

Secondary barrier glove box with continuous liner.

The Secondary Barrier, which further protects the drum discharge via liner, ensures safety for both the operator and the product. A Secondary barrier around the operating environment introduces a further safety breakthrough within the established practice of liner discharge systems. In CSV Containment, we designed this small-sized skid to allow discharging from a mill into […]

API Pilot Plant: a collaborative success.

Supporting a client in the development of an API Pilot Plant is a highly stimulating challenge. PolyCrystalLine entrusted CSV Containment with the task of designing glove boxes for their brand-new API Pilot Plant located in Southern Italy. The process development and production of an API is a sensitive and demanding task, especially when it involves […]

Hydro Powder System: the innovative unit for Powder Transfer.

Fluid Powder Transfer is one of the most common operation in pharmaceutical industries, and Hydro Powder System is a unique solution. Introducing Multifunctional Equipment for Fluid Powder Transfer, born from the skillful blend of expertise of Pharma Hub, Officine Galesso and CSV Containment. Operating on the Venturi principle, it uses liquid as motor fluid, to […]

RABS for Powder Transfer: an Impressive Containment Solution.

Performing powder handling operations in a confined environment such as a RABS is essential for enhancing safety during work phases. But how far can this go? Although a RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) cannot guarantee the same safety standards as a rigid isolator, the adoption of certain measures can surprisingly bring us closer to these […]

Liquid Sampling Glove box OEB5 High Potent.

Not Just Powders… We have built a liquid sampling glove box to allow operators to perform their work in total safety, confining the valves in an isolator that offers ample visibility and freedom of movement. The Liquid Sampling Glove Box from CSV Containment has just arrived, but it has already made a mark as the […]

Drum Discharging Glove Box.

The drum discharging glove box is among the most representative models within the vast production of rigid isolators made by CSV Containment. Powder transfer operations are made safer by the double iris on this drum discharging glove box, which is also prepared for pneumatic transfer. The glove box is equipped with a pneumatic lifter fully […]

DIT® Plexiglass Confined Environment.

There are many reasons to handle a product in a confined environment. Being able to do it in a compact space, with total visibility, and leveraging the universality of the DIT® system adds another reason: tapping into CSV Containment’s expertise. Being experts in containment, as well as designers and producers of dedicated systems, allows us […]

From Drum Iris to Powder Pump Station.

CSV Containment Unveils a Station Tailored for Powder Pump Equipment Charging & Transfer, Offering Superior Capacity & Contained Drum Handling. Powder pumps are extensively employed in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as areas like the food sector, for transporting substances from drums to reactors or other structures without compromising product integrity. Ensuring the product […]

Qualitative & Quantitative Approach to Glove Box Decontamination.

The verification phase of the effectiveness of glove box decontamination produced by CSV Containment is meticulously carried out, thanks to the experience gained by our teams in cleaning validation and monitoring the containment level according to SMEPAC standards. It involves a qualitative and quantitative verification of glove box decontamination effectiveness. The two verification procedures, SMEPAC monitoring and […]

Palladium recovery in fine chemical.

The development of efficient confinement techniques helps also the environment and the circular economy, as in the case of palladium recovery in fine chemicals. The palladium recovery phase in fine chemicals is an issue that has become central since the increasing use of noble metal-based catalysts in the production of a wide range of pharmaceuticals. […]

ECP: from toxicology to a Containment Strategy

A proper containment strategy can be implemented, starting with a toxicology profile assessment performed by professionals in a pharmaceutical facility. OEL values (Occupational exposure limits derived from toxicological data) are used by pharmaceutical industries as a starting point to determine the containment strategy to apply, in the case of both a new facility and an […]

DIT® reactor charging: a double chamber system for high performance.

CSV Containment provides three DIT® reactor charging stations with double chamber for a new department for HPAPI production. DIT® reactor charging with double chamber for HPAPI production is the safest way to charge drums, even of different diameters, without changing any part of the equipment. The DIT® dual-chamber configuration allows for a unidirectional handling flow of drums […]

SMEPAC Monitoring.

Containment and capability: two words that tell the story of CSV Containment’s world, but they also summarize the meaning of SMEPAC monitoring, aimed at verifying the safety of operators and equipment. Indeed, SMEPAC monitoring (Standardized Measurement of Equipment Particulate Airborne Concentration) is aimed at measuring the particulate containment performance of isolation systems used in the pharmaceutical […]

Synthesis and Dispensing HPAPI Containment.

Synthesis and dispensing in the pharmaceutical industry are certainly important phases where reliability and precision matter, but when high-potent substances are involved, safety matters even more. Synthesis and dispensing, isolator cleaning steps and all the other operations inside glove boxes require close attention, especially in the HPAPI sector. Attention that CSV Containment pays right from […]

Drum liquid transfer containment station.

In chemical and pharma processes, operators’ and products’ safety is becoming increasingly central. That is why a drum liquid transfer containment station is one of the tools that can make a difference. A drum liquid transfer containment station aims at containing the opening, liquid transferring, or liquid sampling phases and the closing phase while assuring […]

Three-chamber dispensing isolator with DIT® system.

A three-chamber dispensing isolator needs a suitable working space in a production area, but is it possible to use it by charging drums and discharging in a bin even in rooms with low heights?  Ergonomics is crucial when working, whether it is a three-chamber dispensing isolator or a drum discharging system. CSV Containment is well […]

Glove Box for Chemical Synthesis in a pilot plant.

CSV Containment realized a glove box for a chemical laboratory handling highly active substances in a pilot plant, which requires safe working conditions just as much as production areas. However, the spaces, quantities, and times differ in the two environments, and specific dedicated solutions, such as in the case of this glove box, are designed […]

Drum Reactor Charging DRC XS: space to ideas.

Reactor charging operations are usually bound by space problems that make activities more complex. CSV Containment aims at simplifying the work for operators while still guaranteeing their safety. CSV Containment has been constantly improving its tried-and-tested DIT® iris system by reducing its volume and realizing more and more versatile and suitable reactor charging stations. The […]

Multipurpose rigid isolator: a single solution for numerous functioning Configurations.

Multipurpose rigid isolator is a CSV Containment combined approach to the GMP safety of both operators working in pharma industries and products to be manipulated.  A philosophy that finds a summary in this multipurpose rigid isolator. Our capability to realize tailor-made products enables us to design not merely versatile items, but also adaptable to costumer’s [...]

Contained Unloading System for a Rotating dryer trough a mill.

The main trait of Csv Containment is to find optimal containment solutions for every situation, even for pre-existing ones, as in the case of this Contained unloading system placed under a mill. Contained unloading system means assuring safe operation during a specific processing phase. In addition to this basic goal, having an overall view of […]

Vaccines filling isolator.

CSV Containment realized a vaccines filling isolator for liquid solutions to serve the pharma supply chain. The new vaccines filling isolator is an effective and ergonomic tool to perform activities in the production process that require liquid dosage accuracy and safety. The structure made of Aisi 316L stainless steel is intended and designed to contain […]

Universal Lifters for Drums.

CSV Containment realizes telescopic universal lifters for drums to meet the different conditions of work environments. Universal lifters allow bringing the drum as close as possible to the charging point thanks to both the telescopic structure and the compass-opening legs. The lifters are movable and have braked, pivoting, and antistatic wheels. Drums of different sizes […]

Contained Down Cross.

The Contained Down Cross is a practical solution to carry out small pharmaceutical processing and IPC activities directly in the production area, without using dedicated external rooms and therefore optimising the personnel and materials flow. Common Down Crosses create a protected area within their volume, where it is possible to handle products and processes and […]

Fully automated contained Drum Handling system with Lump Breaker.

Lump Breaker or granulator: the solution for break up larger agglomerates improving the flow characteristics of dry materials. After an extended storage, dry bulk materials may become compressed. Therefore, a lump breaker for de-agglomeration operations is required. Exposure to moisture can also form hard lumps that require more to tease apart. So, a lump breaker installed […]

Bench isolator – bright, transparent and rigid – that’s the solution.

Can a bench isolator with greater transparency characteristics than flexible materials be made that is both rigid and safe? The bench isolator with a Plexiglass double chamber by CSV Containment is a product that is completely transparent in all its parts, thanks to the high light transmittance factor guaranteed by Plexiglass. A material slightly better […]

Powder handling Dispensing Isolator.

Csv Containment’s dispensing isolator can fit all sizes of pharmaceutical containers. Safe handling of hazardous substances is now easier thanks to the DIT technology that equips this dispensing isolator. Drum Iris Technology is an innovative solution, created and patented by CSV Life Science. The double elastic barrier sealed to the drum, between the outside and […]

Double Chamber Reactor Charging Glove Box

A reactor charging glove box to contain powder transfer by bags and small containers in safety conditions. CSV Containment provides the Pharma world with both traditional and innovative solutions of reactor charging glove box. The great know-how acquired over the years by the entire CSV Life Science group firmly backs and supports the containment division, […]

Modular Reactor Charging station.

Modular Reactor charging for Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) with double iris system. CSV containment realized two Drum Iris Technology Reactor Charging Stations for a multinational API manufacturer to contain powder transfers from drums. The peculiarity of this production is that, in order to satisfy all the client needs, one of these stations has […]

Double Chamber Weighing and Dispensing Isolator.

Double chamber weighing and dispensing isolator: a universal solution for weighing and dispensing raw material from unknown containers of any size with unidirectional flow. Performing risky operations, such as handling, weighing and dispensing high potent raw materials, in pharmaceutical manufactory has become safer and safer thanks to the double chamber weighing and dispensing isolator. The […]

Polycarbonate Universal Bench Isolator.

Polycarbonate: the perfect solution for a lab Bench Isolator. Performing risky operations, such as handling high potent powders, in laboratory has become easier and safer thanks to the new Polycarbonate Universal Bench Isolator built by Csv Containment. When handling high potent powders, it is essential to confine the atmosphere around them, so as to both […]

Upgrading existing Glove Box.

How add a new Way Out on an existing Glove Box. We produce continuous liners, flexible isolators and rigid isolators: our secret is to find the WAY OUT to satisfy your containment needs. Sometimes it is difficult to find a solution to perform sampling operation and product/waste bag out having few space, especially in rigid isolators. A […]

Drum Iris Vacuum Transfer Station

Vacuum Transfer by Drum Iris Technology This Vacuum Transfer station is designed to help operators safely transfer materials out of drums. The pneumatic lifter allows inverting drums to remove the contents with few operator interaction. The hopper geometry on the bottom is studied to let the powder flow down to the suitable rotary valve. By […]

Dispensing Rigid Isolator bin loading

Ensuring HPAPI containment pilot plant category OEB4. Dispensing Rigid Isolator composed by: Pre chamber Pass Box 2 glove ports compressed air chamber extraction purified water for spray gun drain with ball valve stainless steel body (DN40) on the bottom of the pre chamber internal door to connect air lock with dispensing chamber Dispensing chamber 4 glove […]

Rigid Isolator with double chamber for HPAPI containment

CSV Containment goes right into rigid isolator manufacturers with an innovative product, customer-specific solution Rigid isolator OEB5 composed by: Pre chamber Pass Box 2 glove ports compressed air chamber extraction purified water for spray gun drain with ball valve stainless steel body (DN40) on the bottom of the pre chamber internal door to connect air lock […]

Drum Iris Two Movements Reactor Charging Station

This special reactor charging station can work horizontally or rotate completely by means of an automatic cycle. Drum Iris Two Movements Reactor Charging station features: Made of one single equipment that is the merge of the drum sliding lifter and the tilting charging station, equipped with an automatic double iris drum pass box Movable Based on Drum […]

CSV Containment IDB Isolator

CSV Containment Iris Deblistering Isolator This isolator machine includes many innovations and has been developed to guarantee ever-increasing quality for CSV customers. Features: Tablets to be deblistered transfer in by DOUBLE IRIS PASS BOX; Product bag out via Continuous Liner Negative Pressure Control; -50Pa within 14 sec SMEPAC containment performance: 44 Nanograms/m3 Plug and Play configuration Watch the video! CSV Containmentis present […]

CSV Containment presents C2DS – Coaxial Containment Discharging Skid

CSV Containment is proud to present the new C2DS, a double coaxial liner system usefull to raise high containment level on product discharging process. The Coaxial Containment Discharging Skid presents the following features: Perfect to be used as improvement for your isolators as well; Smart and compliance with limitate space; Configurable options can also be […]