To Contain or Expose: This Is The Dilemma.


We are used to contain, the opposite of expose…

Containment ensures the safety of those exposed to contact with potentially harmful powders or substances. But we love contact and exposure… Let’s talk about events, fairs, seminars, and conferences!

There have been many opportunities in the first half of 2024 to meet the public, clients, suppliers, and engage with new professional realities.

We started close to home, participating in the HPAPI event in May in Milan and to the Solids event in Parma, and reached Achema in Frankfurt with enthusiasm, eager to learn and share about CSV Containment. Behind the name of the CSV Life Science Group division specialising in Containment, there are people, ideas, and ever-evolving solutions. A dynamic and ever-growing branch that has taken the stage – indeed, has exposed itself – at all events firsthand. Because more than the machines, it was the people who were the stars of these moments, with a strong turnover during the event days, allowing as many collaborators as possible to participate.

Sales representatives, marketing managers, designers, installers, quality managers, and welders. Everyone giving a face to work that has a strong human component in its realisation, especially considering the high degree of customisation that CSV Containment operates.

A growing Team.

During the two days in Milan dedicated to high potent substances, there were numerous opportunities to engage with the European market, particularly the Spanish market. Interest in flexible containment solutions is growing, and CSV is present in the Iberian Peninsula thanks to a strong partnership with Tiselab. The agency, based in Barcelona, is a benchmark for the Spanish market and is appreciated and esteemed for its great competence and capacity for innovation. Innovation is a field where CSV Containment plays with determination and boldness. Our team competes in all possible matches, and the balance in the Pharma league is encouraging with concrete growth opportunities.

For the second consecutive year, our rigid and flexible containment solutions were presented at Solids in Parma, the Italian fair specializing in technologies for granules, powders, and bulk solids. A warm-up that prepared us for the grand event in Frankfurt just a week later.

Achema 2024.

With Achema, June 2024 was, despite the weather, a really hot month for the CSV Life Science Group, which attended the event in full force. The stand hosted for the first time a series of skids designed, drawn, and built by all the Group’s divisions involved in machinery and processes. CSV Containment, Pharma Hub, and Officine Galesso brought a small example of their know-how to the fair, each showing a skid. Three divisions capable of synergy and collaboration, as there are increasingly more projects with cross-pollination of ideas and work among them.

Achema 2024 saw clients from engineering and construction, containment and validation, process plants, and active ingredients sit at the stand’s tables. Each found their own reference, a space, an opportunity for dialogue and cross-contamination (but the good one!). How many growth opportunities also for our Group! Sharing ideas, comments, and criticisms with existing and potential clients was an opportunity to learn, understand, explain, and develop new relationships, even before new business.

Because work is born and thrives on relationships, and to strengthen them, you just need to expose yourself, without fear of doing so – at least in this case… For all other situations requiring Containment, we are open to dialogue:


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