More Than Just Dust… From Powtech to CPHI.


After the summer break, the inevitable challenge we face is… Dust! CSV Containment is delighted to have returned to Powtech in Nuremberg and is gearing up for the upcoming Spanish edition of CPHI!

For the second year in a row, the containment branch of CSV Group has shared the German event dedicated to powder and liquid transfer with their colleagues from DDPS. This collaboration showcased containment and transfer solutions in a single booth, highlighting the potential of a system that can both speed up production times and ensure greater safety simultaneously. Safety is paramount when handling powders, especially highly active ones. CSV Containment’s glove boxes and glove bags guarantee not just operator protection but also the integrity of products handled within them. At Powtech 2023, some highly versatile disposable solutions crafted in the Flexilab of Alessandria, one of the Group’s operational locations, attracted particular attention. The pneumatic clamping system for Twin Tie straps, now widely used by customers deploying the continuous liners made by CSV Containment, also made its public debut.

Grouping up in Barcelona!

This isn’t about a group trip, but an event where the entire CSV Life Science Group will be present: CPHI 2023 in Barcelona. This Spanish event will cover a broad range of topics, and CSV Containment will be there alongside its sister companies, collectively demonstrating their ability to cater to the 360-degree needs of the Pharma world. From API brokering to engineering, from construction to containment, the CSV Life Science Group steers towards the “Destination Pharma”. This slogan isn’t just for marketing; it represents their authentic mode of operation, working collaboratively to best serve their clients. Attendees will have the chance to meet representatives from the various business facets, offering insights into what makes this cooperative model unique and successful. CSV Containment also approaches CPHI with the aim of building connections and potential partnerships within the global pharmaceutical community. If the fair is a platform for forging valuable networks, the CSV Life Science Group comes prepared, armed with its identity as a connected entity. CPHI Barcelona also represents the entire Pharma sector’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This year, the event plans to utilize 100% renewable energy, offer sustainable mobility services, and minimize waste. Aligning with this vision, CSV Life Science Group will provide the opportunity to download their informational material via QR codes, directing visitors to a dedicated download page.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair in Barcelona, booth 3T48


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