Flexible Room: a safe, swiftly constructed environment.


Thanks to our Flexible Rooms, it is possible to construct an environment capable of ensuring containment and safety in the typical case of an emergency production of a product at risk of contamination.

What is a Flexible Room? It is a space equipped with an entry pass box, controlled ventilation, a tubular steel structure, and walls made of 250-micron thick antistatic PU transparent layers.

This structure is very similar to that of a cleanroom but is distinguished by its flexible walls. However, the fundamental difference lies in the purpose for which it is constructed, namely containment. It is an environment from which materials must not escape, for this reason, a system of controlled negative pressure is generated within the room, guaranteed by an adequately sized ventilator.

The air, once filtered, is channeled through flexible tubes toward the technical compartment of the existing HVAC systems, dedicated to the environments where the structure is installed.

A spacious, albeit contained, environment.

The Flexible Room is custom-made according to the client’s needs, even in extremely confined spaces constrained by doors, pipes, and utilities serving production. Work is carried out around the area of production, considering all the manoeuvring operations of the operators and machines.

Once designed and approved, the Flexible Room is pre-assembled through a series of modules transferred directly into the workspace. The flexible part is decomposed into all the necessary elements to “dress” every window outlined by the framework. In just one day of setup, while the frame comes to life, our containment expert teams secure the flexible parts with special adhesive elements tested in the laboratory.

The steel is carefully cleaned and then treated with a Primer designed to further ensure the sealing of the double-sided tapes. CSV Containment has chosen 3M for this crucial step, as a guarantee of effective and lasting containment.

Access to the room for personnel is provided by two doors equipped with sturdy zippers, which allow the creation of a space serving as an antechamber to the environment itself where operations will take place. Regarding the entry of materials, there are custom-designed solutions, also through hinged doors.

To further equip the room, one can rely on a range of accessories such as CPC quick connects and iris wall passes, to bring inside power cables, water, compressed air, or anything else, according to the needs. Finally, the Flexible Room, once its temporary use is concluded, is sanitised and can be stripped of the polyurethane layers that cover it, to be reused in the same environment or for other future needs.

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info: containment@csv-ls.com


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