Flexible isolators made in Italy, thinked for greater operator comfort.

Super transparent flexible isolator
Working on a flexible isolator

A different way of viewing the Containment with our new flexible isolators.

CSV Containment reinforces its position in the production of flexible isolators and containment systems investing in research and development. A marked versatility has allowed CSV Containment to create different solutions of Insulators and Glove Bags with particular shapes and colors, aimed at confining the most different operations. Our “plastic chambers” are usually equipped with gloves, cable glands, filters, fluids, continuous liner and other solutions for each need. Every product is developed according to the type of atmosphere to confine, in order to make the solution functional, ergonomic and acceptable by operators. The company provides customized solutions ideal for the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors in terms of:

  • containment applications, from OEB4 (1 mg/m3 < CPT < 101mg/m3 ) to OEB5 (CPT <1 mg/m3).
  • speed, because solutions are sometimes conceived as temporary, related to a project under development or to a technology transfer, or simply used on lines not originally dedicated to the production of highly active, then installed to temporarily make the equipment suitable for campaigns and batches of development projects that involve the introduction of dangerous products.
  • adaptability to existing departments and equipment that are inadequate for the handling of highly active products.
  • suitability for pilot departments and laboratories where investments in classic insulators, sensitive to humidity, are not always justified.
  • possibility of confining volumes otherwise exposed to the background, in order to create a temporary controlled atmosphere by injecting nitrogen or suitably filtered compressed air, for example for humidity control (in the case of sensitive products) or to reduce oxygen (inertization) up to the creation of temporary clean rooms.


Strong involvement of the end user.

The production of CSV Containment provides the suggestion of basic materials (low density polyethylene ultra transparent), antistatic and available in different thicknesses and formats) supplied by the company itself, certified and equipped with the documentation required by the pharmaceutical world, or makes himself available to use the material by supplying it at the direct suppliers of the end customers (this is the case of specific materials on which stability studies have already been carried out by part of the Quality Controls of the reference pharmaceutical company). The presence and use of various qualified cutting equipment and heat sealing allow the realization of large varieties of designs of flexible liners and insulators. Being an industrial tailor made machinery, CSV use to involve the end user in defining the form he likes and needs in order to facilitate the use of the devices, their installation and make effective their remediation and their removal or replacement.

Watch the video to see our solution

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:containment@csv-ls.com


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