DIT® Plexiglass Confined Environment.

plexiglass iris confined environment

There are many reasons to handle a product in a confined environment. Being able to do it in a compact space, with total visibility, and leveraging the universality of the DIT® system adds another reason: tapping into CSV Containment’s expertise.

Being experts in containment, as well as designers and producers of dedicated systems, allows us to design a confined environment based on the actual needs of the customer, not just what is available in the catalog. Our philosophy also aligns with this: if something doesn’t exist, we conceive it, design it, and create it!

This led to the birth of a plexiglass skid equipped with an iris capable of accommodating drums of various sizes, both circular and otherwise. A handy pneumatic lift allows transporting various types of drums to the DIT® level. CSV Containment’s tried-and-true iris system facilitates the insertion of containers inside the plexiglass chamber, minimizing the opportunities for contact with the products.

Transparency and Safety.

The chamber provides full visibility, ensuring control of the work environment, confining substances that could be potentially harmful to the health of operators, and maintaining product integrity. It is equipped with multiple wall pass-throughs that operate under the same philosophy as the iris systems, thanks to an LDPE film. Once the valve is turned, this film wraps around cables and tubes necessary for transporting services in and out of the chamber. A clamp that’s gentle yet strong, capable of enhancing safety and work speed. Liquids, powders, pharmaceutical environments, and even food: the challenges this skid is ready for are numerous. In the showcased example, the customer uses this confinement skid to extract liquid from canisters using an external pump, thereby preventing harmful fumes from affecting operators. The suction tube is introduced and confined using the aforementioned wall pass-throughs.

The skid features:

  • Steel support structure, mobile on pivotal antistatic wheels, equipped with brakes
  • PLEXIGLASS chamber with 2 gloves
  • Pneumatic lifter usefull to move up and down drums
  • 5 Iris cable pipe pass through interfaces to connect utilities
  • INLET Hepa filter
  • OUTLET hepa filter
  • Manual iris interface DIT® 450 diameter
  • Front openable plexiglass with speedy blocks
  • 1 DPI for chamber internal pressure

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info: containment@csv-ls.com


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