CSV Containment has come home from Interphex 2022 with important feedbacks.

Interphex 2022 - Csv Containment
Interphex 2022 - Csv Containment

It is nothing new that North America market is one of the most vivid and important in the world, but the response CSV Containment received during Interphex 2022 in NYC has overcome its expectations.

Although CSV Containment, the branch of CSV Life Science Group dedicated to containment strategies, has long-standing relationships overseas, 2022 could be the watershed year for breaking new ground and enhancing existing collaborations. The US is a top player and can count among its own ranks the largest pharmaceutical companies of the world. Moreover, in the last decade both the American internal market, after the Obama administration’s healthcare reforms, and external one, with the massive covid19 vaccines production, have increased a lot.  New production site, new spaces, new technologies and existing-situations readjustment have made the leading American pharma players interested in everything that can meets their needs with an innovative approach. That is the main reason why many people were interested in CSV Containment products.

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The DIT® system.

In particular, The DIT®, Drum Iris Technology, has aroused the interest among experts. Enhanced with the “Seal of Excellence” given by the European Commission in the context of Horizon 2020 to acknowledge the technological development introduce with this CSV equipment, the DIT® is undoubtedly a real innovation for the market. The iris solution has already proved to be an efficient help in containment operations for our European customers since it assures an improvement in production processes for both safety and time aspects. The successes presented by CSV Containment to new potential customers have certainly convinced them, also rewarding the courage of such a company that has made its way among the leaders in the sector by betting on innovation and customised services. Actually, CSV Containment have found an American partner to start providing the US with this new technology. Being innovative to stand out and provide a range of products that are new or complementary to what the market offers: this is our philosophy that has allowed us to move its first step in the United States.

At Interphex 2022, CSV Containment showed all its selection of containment solutions entirely produced in its Italian workshops, from rigid to flexible products.

The curiosity and attention shown by the American attendees has once again proven how important this market is for CSV Containment and all the world Pharma sector.

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info: containment@csv-ls.com


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