Flexible isolators for OSD facility: all CSV Containment services and solutions.

flexible isolators structures
flexible isolators structures

As in the case of OSD facility, the flexibility of flexibles it is not simply a play on words, but a feature that CSV Containment knows how to make the most of.

In order to assure a containment performance in an OSD facility, within OEB4 and OEB5 classes, CSV Containment has faced a particular request of producing more than 20 flexible isolators for equipment of different size and shape. Besides the huge number, the peculiarity of this service is that these isolators has to be placed in an already working area, which had not been planned to be upgraded. An order that has shown what flexibility means to us: providing the most suitable and customised solutions and allowing at the same time high level of containment.

New ideas are coming out…

All our flexible isolators are produced in the CSV Containment “Flexilab“, that processes films certified in terms of raw material compliance and traceability of the used batch. Antistatic tests are always performed and the flexible isolators are realized in ISO7 areas. The collaboration between plastic processing and steel manufacturing departments allows to create hybrid and innovative solutions and to meet all kind of clients’ requests. New ideas came out from the continuous confrontation with the designers, such as the flexible iris pass-through, a tool that can offer considerable advantages on both flexible and rigid plexiglass isolators.

Not only flexibility and customised products, but also fast delivery times and attention to client’s needs until the very last.

Indeed, CSV Containment can perform both FAT and SMEPAC tests in a very short time while helping clients. Quite often attending the FAT phase is really demanding for costumers, especially when a large number of equipment is involved. As in the case of the OSD facility, to meet clients’ logistic and time needs, we have performed the FAT phase via video. We tested all the machines without the customer having moved from their company thus speeding up delivery times.

In CSV Containment, we have our in-house team dedicated to live video streaming, with the possibility of customer interaction, during the most important test phase. Otherwise, in simpler and more ordinary cases, video clips are sent to document the tests performed, as in the case of SMEPAC test. A solution that is not intended to replace face-to-face operations, but which can streamline certain steps under time constraints dictated by customers’ schedule.

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info: containment@csv-ls.com


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