Multipurpose rigid isolator: a single solution for numerous functioning Configurations.


Multipurpose rigid isolator is a CSV Containment combined approach to the GMP safety of both operators working in pharma industries and products to be manipulated. 

A philosophy that finds a summary in this multipurpose rigid isolator. Our capability to realize tailor-made products enables us to design not merely versatile items, but also adaptable to costumer’s spaces and even to the routes to reach the destination of use. In the case of this rigid isolator, we have chosen a modular solution exactly to allow an easy installation in its facility. In the production site in question, they handle highly active substances for finished pharmaceutical dosage forms and, therefore, they needed a supply capable of assuring high safety standards.

Multipurpose Rigid Isolator Grade B.

The multipurpose station, which consists of a chamber and a pre-chamber, has been realized in compliance with the highest GMP (Grade B) and safety standards allowing owner to choose from different modular functional configurations depending the product/process to handle. To use the equipment, the operator has to select the desired mode from a pop-up menu, choosing between negative (for safety purposes) or in positive (for GMP purposes) pressure or finally as laminar flow. The internal atmosphere can also be modified by choosing and using compressed air or nitrogen as inlet gas, depending on whether an inert (to reduce explosion risks) or dry (for handling low humidity powders) environment is required. Moreover, it is possible to implement the already-reach equipment by adding further products, such as the Split Butterfly Valve of ChargePoint, for which CSV is the exclusive distributor in Italy. In addition, our multipurpose rigid isolator allows working in overpressure, negative pressure and vertical laminar flow, with flow and air speed control.

Main characteristics:

  • trapezoidal shape with sloped ergonomic front
  • pre-chamber with an openable folding front
  • main chamber with 3 gloves placed on elliptical flanges
  • continuous liner on an 8” or 10” canister equipped with an internal door to be used as a side exit door.
  • HEPA inlet and outlet filtration
  • positive or negative pressure control and relevant pressure cascade between chamber, pre-chamber and background
  • LAF configuration
  • compressed air or Nitrogen Inlet Injection
  • inertization cycle with O2% monitoring and control
  • HEPA filters on the ceiling working as LAF modules
  • O2 monitoring in the dispensing chamber and outside
  • multiple IP69 electrical outlets in the chamber
  • internal Steel made modular greed back panel
  • PLC control system
  • EZIFLOW (or CHARGEPOINT) interface to discharge parts or the product in the liners, bags, or bottles
  • pneumatic lifting system for the bag that can be connected to the product interface on the isolator bottom

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:


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