Modular Reactor Charging station.

csv containment - combinable iris reactor charging 4-min
frontal view

Modular Reactor charging for Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) with double iris system.

CSV containment realized two Drum Iris Technology Reactor Charging Stations for a multinational API manufacturer to contain powder transfers from drums. The peculiarity of this production is that, in order to satisfy all the client needs, one of these stations has been realized with the two chambers that, however, are separable into two pieces.

A separable containment station or skid is needed mainly for logistic problems. Indeed, in some working space there’s no guarantee that a machinery can pass and achieve its final position without obstacle and constraints due to the lifter dimension, existing equipment positioning and piping and available pathway. Actually, most of the time, production environments do not allow installing some equipment that otherwise would require complex procedures, such as dismantling walls. Is there an alternative? CSV Containment team is ready to meet any kind of requirement, with its separable skids that have the same quality and safety characteristics as their standard solution.

In this double installation at a production site, both stations meet the same requirements and have the same features. However, the station pictured in the upper gallery, is modular. Separating the station allowed the working area to be reached easily and without any inconvenience and, once positioned, the two parts are re-jointed and secured by an inflatable seal.

Main features of the standard Reactor Charging Stations with double Iris Drum pass box:

  • Product contact surfaces material: AISI316L. Main structure material of Reactor Charging: AISI304.
  • Both chamber, pre and main, designed and built as a module equipped with the same flanges, gloves , glass panels and inflatable seals; this design choice minimize the item and the spare parts to be managed.
  • Glass panels made of tempered glass (6+6 mm sandwich type).
  • Each glass panel is equipped with 2 gloves, fitted on flanges in conductive PTFE (4 in total).
  • Gloves JUGITEC EPDM Conductive model.
  • Pre-chamber equipped with a manual double iris drum interface (fully automatic version available),in order to facilitate operator drum liner handling. The double IRIS is composed by steel body hosting EPDM conductive diaphragms.
  • Main chamber provided with a conical bottom hopper connected to the charging chute.
  • Upper side of the chamber equipped with clamp connection of different size, suitable to interface an intake system or vent from the plant. Two sight glasses for each chamber useful to position an external lamp.
  • On the top of each chamber of the Reactor Charging is foreseen a 8” clamp connection to host a 6” chute for Push Push safe change filter systems.
  • A side of the chamber is used for connecting, by two quick-release joint, to a nitrogen injection system or washing fluid. One of the two quick-joint is connected to a spray gun.
  • The station is equipped with an antistatic ceramic scissor, connected to the chamber by a steel made chain/cable.
  • pneumatic lifter ATEX, powered by compressed air and controlled by a small pneumatic panel with holding button, allows drum handling.
  • Performance test by SMEPAC.


CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more


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