Double Chamber Reactor Charging Glove Box

Reactor Charging render

A reactor charging glove box to contain powder transfer by bags and small containers in safety conditions.

CSV Containment provides the Pharma world with both traditional and innovative solutions of reactor charging glove box. The great know-how acquired over the years by the entire CSV Life Science group firmly backs and supports the containment division, enabling it to provide customers with a service that meets all their needs.

Depending on the required containment levels, CSV rigid isolators are designed to provide operators with a safe, clean and precise working condition. Consequently, all solutions are designed together with the customer to meet space and ergonomic requirements, producing customised products.

The safety is the key element in our Reactor Charging Glove Box solutions.

Containment means above all safety both for people and for environment. This is one of the main reasons why we have been involved in research over the years and why we have developed innovative solutions such as the patented D.I.T. system. Therefore, the rigid CSV Containment isolators can count on a wide range of solutions to improve the work of the operators. Automatisms, lifters, various sizes irises, valves, pass-boxes and modular chambers are just few of CSV Containment possible configurations. Finally, the supply chain is complete thanks to the in-house production of Liners in different shapes, diameters, lengths and materials. To further complete the offer, our proprietary contained liners separation system will soon be available for securing the materials.

HPAPI Reactor Charging Glove Box configuration:

  • A mobile steel made structure secured onto a chute passing through the floor aimed at reaching the reactor top.
  • Product contact surfaces: AISI316L.
  • Reactor Charging main structure: AISI304.
  • Both the pre and main chamber designed and built as a module equipped with the same conductive (PTFE) glove flanges and gloves.
  • Glass panels made of tempered glass (6+6 mm sandwich type).
  • Gloves JUGITEC EPDM Conductive model.
  • Pre-chamber equipped with a conductive PTFE side access door and a single glove on the glass
  • Main chamber provided with a conical bottom hopper connected to the transfer chute equipped with valve.
  • The top of the chambers equipped with clamp connection of different size, suitable to interface any needed fluid; quick-release joints allow nitrogen or washing fluid injection. One of the two quick-joint is connected to a spray gun.
  • (N2 and purified water) intake connections
  • Two sight glasses for each chamber useful to position an external LED lamp.
  • On the back of each chamber a 6” chute hosts Push-Push safe change extraction HEPA filters.
  • Antistatic ceramic scissor, connected to the chamber by a steel made chain/cable.
  • Performance test by SMEPAC monitoring.
conductive PTFE side access door
conductive PTFE side access door

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more


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