Drum Lifting Dispensing Skid.


New drum lifting dispensing skid to assure the safe handling of raw high potent materials transported through drums.

CSV Containment displays a new drum lifting dispensing skid to improve the efficiency of production processes in areas where highly active raw materials are handled in drums. This drum lifting dispensing skid allows and facilitates the movement and handling of high potent raw materials. Indeed, the universal drum lifting system can move raw materials contained in drums of any size up to 500 mm diameter into the chambers.

This drum lifting dispensing skid has two chambers equipped with and separated by zipped doors. The central zipped door can also be wrapped to transform the drum lifting dispensing skid from double chamber isolator to single chamber isolator.

This drum dispensing skid is innovative because it has two different offloading interfaces to separate the waste/contaminated substances from the product.

Indeed, the dispensing skid has an 8” grooved bag out canister allowing operators to contain waste offloading into continuous liner. Instead, the product can be offloaded in two different ways: directly into dedicated bags trough a passive cassette EZIFLOW interface device or into continuous liners thanks to and adaptor, a 6” grooved bag out canister.

Drum lifting dispensing skid features:

  • Double chambers Dispensing Isolator
  • Pre chamber with two LDPE gloves
  • Main chamber with two LDPE gloves
  • Zipped walls material pass box
  • Product offloading via EZIFLOW Cassette
  • Bag out continuous liner
  • Closed bottom
  • Loop with Velcro or snaps installation
  • Flexible enclosure dismounting by collapsing
  • Available in disposable/single use configuration (LDPE gloves thermowelded and integrated in the film enclosure)
  • No steel support structure cleaning required

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:containment@csv-ls.com


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