Flexible Isolator Disposable Split Valve.


New flexible dispensing isolator equipped with a disposable split valve to assure the safe handling of potent API, intermediates and pharmaceutical formulation.

CSV Containment displays a universal flexible isolator equipped with a disposable split valve to improve the efficiency of production processes in areas where highly active substances are handled. The disposable technologies can protect both the operator and the product during the filling, unloading, weighing and sampling of substances. Moreover, the flexible isolator is equipped with a Chargepoint disposable split valve which offers improved sterility assurance in the aseptic processing of sterile API and final powder product, together with small components for fill/finish applications. The disposable split valve is provided with the VERIFi™ smart monitoring hub which ensures the safer and contamination-free handling of API and other formulation ingredients, offering the highest levels of operator protection and product quality.

In addition, CSV flexible isolators help to reduce significantly production and cleaning costs by preventing product loss and cross-contamination especially during the frequent substance changes that can occur in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. The CSV Containment disposable isolator has been realized with innovating materials. We can offer, according to customer needs, high wall transparency, AISI316L steel support structure, customized equipment.

Main features:

  • Double chambers Dispensing Isolator
  • Zippered walls material pass box
  • Bag out continuous liner
  • ChargePoint PharmaSafe® Containment Valve provided with a VERIFi™ smart monitoring hub
  • Closed bottom
  • On the bench or mobile configuration
  • On the Film super transparent and super elastic
  • Loop with Velcro or snaps installation
  • Flexible enclosure dismounting by collapsing
  • Available in disposable/single use configuration (LDPE gloves thermowelded and integrated in the film enclosure)
  • No steel support structure cleaning required

Universal flexible dispensing

Our “plastic chambers” are usually equipped with gloves, cable glands, filters, fluids, continuous liner and every product is developed according to the type of atmosphere to confine, in order to make the solution functional, ergonomic and acceptable by operators. The low density ultra-transparent and antistatic polyethylene is available in different thicknesses and formats and is certified with the documentation required by the pharmaceutical world.

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:containment@csv-ls.com


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