Drum Iris Pneumatic Reactor Charging Isolator.


Drum Iris Pneumatic Reactor Charging Isolator has been built to create a universal, small, smart, light and movable station to contain reactor charging by drums via dedicated flange, manway or via Vacuum transfer systems.

Drum Iris (double) interface has been challenged to verify its containment performances. The test protocol has been performed according to Standard SMEPAC (using lactose as
placebo); the result of the analyses allows to declare the obtaining of a containment degree
defined in the following exposure band, in two different configurations:

  • passive, without control of negative pressure
  • active with chamber having negative pressure

achieved through a speed varying ejector managed by a control system connected to the pressure value inside the chamber.

The system consist of:

  • Discharging isolator
  • Automatic Double Iris Drum interface and handling
  • Vacuum transfer system connecting the rotary valve on the hopper bottom and the venturi device on the reactor top
Drum Iris Pneumatic Reactor Charging Isolator
Drum Iris Pneumatic Reactor Charging Isolator Render


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