Drum Reactor Charging DRC XS: space to ideas.

Drum reactor charging
Drum reactor charging DRC XS

Reactor charging operations are usually bound by space problems that make activities more complex. CSV Containment aims at simplifying the work for operators while still guaranteeing their safety.

CSV Containment has been constantly improving its tried-and-tested DIT® iris system by reducing its volume and realizing more and more versatile and suitable reactor charging stations.

The experience gained over the years by the design team has allowed CSV Containment to offer innovative solutions, such as telescopic stations and lifting systems capable of moving and tipping drums in very small spaces.

The innovative DRC XS has been realized to meet these space needs, thanks to its easy-to-move support structure and practical solutions, like the compass-opening legs that make it extremely versatile. The rigid connection to the reactor allows the safe handling of substances from the chamber and gives stability to the cantilevered structure, which has been specially designed to reach the operational area. All the accessories are tailor-made according to customer’s needs. The pneumatic systems of both the iris and the lifter ensure precise and automated movements for the operators, without having to manually load the drums.

The Single Iris DRC XS is made up of two very light, movable, and telescopic equipment: a drum tipper and a single Iris charging station. They are integrated via rilsan quick connection allowing drum movement to be synchronised with iris opening/closing operation. Moreover, it is universal and can be used in small spaces due to its reduced size and low weight. This is mainly because operations can be performed on two sides, as the grooved glove flanges on the free side can be used as a waste bag out.

DRC XS features:


  • Based on the Drum Iris Technology using a single iris Drum interface
  • Fully pneumatic ATEX configuration
  • Special base frame to reach any charging point over crossing constraints useful found on the reactor profile
  • N2 injection point
  • Negative Pressure Venturi Device

The charging point can be:

  • fixed on a dedicated flange equipped with a cut-off valve
  • movable placed on a different reactor manway
  • provided with a split valve

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info: containment@csv-ls.com


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