Continuous Liner Systems.


CSV Containment’s Continuous Liner Systems: Tailor-Made for Safe Powder Transfer.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the containment of highly active products prioritizes operator safety. CSV Containment, leveraging years of experience, offers more than just isolators. We provide accessories like the continuous liner systems, designed meticulously with attention to ergonomics and detail, enhancing safety performance. A prime example is the application of our inflatable/pneumatic seals. These seals ensure a tight connection between the film and the bag tightener, demonstrated in the accompanying tutorial.

The support accommodating the gasket seamlessly integrates with the corrugated canister, which houses the continuous liners. This system offers robust support for liners throughout their usage. Whether aligned with the discharge tube and fastened with a spring-loaded pin or positioned perpendicularly for replacement, we ensure optimal safety. At CSV Containment, our mission is clear: interpreting our customer’s needs and offering bespoke solutions. This dedication is evident in our inflatable seal solution, available in both manual (with a simple pump) and compressed air versions, adaptable to the client’s existing systems.

Supporting pharmaceutical operations.

CSV Containment’s continuous liner systems are designed to boost operator comfort and safety, while simultaneously enhancing operational performance. Once the seal inflates, the antistatic film secures firmly, making separation tasks more efficient. Our unique system, known as the Twin Tie®, facilitates these operations. It’s a user-friendly, swift system available in kits, complete with both manual and pneumatic tools.

Whether you’re seeking donut or folded liners, clear or colored, for small or large applications, CSV Containment’s Flexilab stands ready. We pride ourselves on products fully designed and manufactured in Italy.

Curious about our offerings or have specific requirements? After viewing our video, reach out. Our dedicated sales team awaits, ready to introduce you to our comprehensive solutions.

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:


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