Safe Decontamination of Tools and Parts.

decontamination glove bag sink
decontamination glove bag sink

During the handling of powders, accessories may be used that need to be washed. But how can you obtain a safe decontamination of tools and parts in the same environment, while taking up minimal space?

CSV Containment has leveraged its expertise in creating custom flexible isolators to allow operators handling powders to get a safe decontamination of their tools. Indeed, based on the platform from which dispensing isolators are developed, a standalone solution was created to wash scoops, containers, machine parts, and various accessories. Moreover, the decontamination station was designed to be extremely versatile, requiring only a connection to incoming water and, if needed, can be moved for drainage. It comes equipped with swiveling and braking wheels, is compact and lightweight, and crucially, allows for the decontamination of objects in the same working environment. This solution is particularly convenient and advantageous during the machine parts replacement phase of setups. To feed the chamber with the washing fluid, portable tanks can also be used, requiring only compressed air.

A stand-alone and disposable solution.

Maintaining the station is extremely simple. The flexible component is disposable and easily replaceable, thanks to loops fitted with Velcro or buttons. The decontamination chamber is cleaned using a spray gun.

The material to be decontaminated can be introduced through the lateral zip of the pre-chamber or directly into the washing chamber (if in clean conditions) via a handy frontal zip. For bagging out the decontaminated bags and, if desired, the cleaned tools, the transition to the exit chamber always occurs through a zip, this time internally.

The two chambers are thus separated, and from the second chamber, materials can be removed using two liners positioned below the structure. The two bag-out canisters can be used to transfer the cleaned pieces or the waste via continuous liner. For larger accessories, stations can be customized with a single larger diameter bag-out solution.

Main features:

  • Double chamber flexible isolator made of antistatic film
  • Zippered pre chamber
  • Mobile light strutture thanks to pivotal antistatic wheels equipped with Braies
  • ATEX decontamination station
  • Waste and clean parts separated Bag Out
  • Steel made cleaning bench
  • Bottom tank shaped sink with draining valve
  • Easy tie in to draining point or rinsing fluids collection or to transfer pump
  • Twin tie Bag Out contained separation


CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:



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