Motorised Telescopic Glove Bag.


Our motorised telescopic glove bag is the answer to the difficulties of handling Bag in Bag Out drums under a flexible dispensing isolator workbench.

Listening to manufacturing operators, at CSV Containment, we thought of a telescopic glove bag as a response to a concrete need. We have been challenged to avoid uncomfortable and very low drum coupling that usually are required by positioning, coupling, and separating drums from the interface installed at the bottom of a dispensing flexible isolator.

Thanks to an electric motor, we decided to stand up and allow operators to lift the skid to a working bench height useful for changing the drum without having to lower themselves. The structure can also be equipped with a manual system that allows raising or lowering the isolator with a simple gesture through a crank.

Flexibility offers more possibilities.

The creation of the telescopic glove bag was made possible primarily thanks to the flexibility of the film that constitutes the isolator. What are the characteristics of this structure that easily allow it to be moved up or down?

  • The skid is not heavy, or even better, has a low weight;
  • The utility connections are flexible;
  • The drum coupling made through the drum sleeve is flexible, thus fully extendable and at the same time collapsible;

The telescopic glove bag is also very useful and comfortable for performing crimping and cutting operations on the liner or drum liner; the ergonomic condition will positively affect the containment performances since, as is well known, they are often jeopardised by an uncomfortable operator condition. Thanks to the lifting configuration separating the drum liner will be easier and more effective.

Finally, the possibility of working at different heights also allows operators of different statures to work comfortably on this type of station.

A tool that stands tall for every need.

Special versions are capable of reaching higher charging points, like small preparation tanks, reactors, sievers, mills, etc.; in this case the skid will be used for direct transfer/charging of powder immediately after being positioned over the charging point and eventually embedded into the flexible isolation chamber.

Of course, this configuration could be very useful when continuous liner discharging is foreseen on a flexible isolator bottom for the same reasons and obtaining the same advantages explained for the drum sleeve coupling via BIBO Procedures.

Main features of the Telescopic Glove Bag:

  • telescopic support structure via a hydraulic device supplied in closed circuit, not requiring any oil charging, replacement, or maintenance
  • load capacity up to 560kg
  • fully automatic (electric) version or manually operated
  • extension capacity from 900mm to 1300mm
  • zippered pre-chamber for inlet material flow
  • main chamber equipped at its bottom with a drum interface made of a grooved canister
  • 12 mm rilsan hose, useful as a drainage point to be connected to the following rinsing liquid container
  • steel support structure with retractable/removal wheels
  • 12” steel side with grooved bag out housing a 15 meter continuous liner covered with an opening cap
  • 510 mm diameter grooved canister, allowing insertion of the API Drum, positioned at the bottom of the chamber
  • bag out via continuous liner
  • dispensing chamber atmosphere can be modified to work in negative pressure and inert condition
  • inertisation condition controlled by a PLC and monitored by the operators through an HMI
  • HMI touch on a separate mobile trolley
  • machine synoptic with process parameters (real-time pressure) and device status
  • Venturi extraction device to reach a negative pressure of around 15± 5 Pa and create a pressure cascade of 5 ± 5 between the main and the pre-chamber
  • HEPA filter
  • Push Safe change device
  • IRIS Wires/Cables Pass-Through Device
  • drum sleeve to couple the drum to the enclosure, maintaining containment

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:


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