Powder Dispensing and Bottle Packaging.


Powder dispensing and bottle packaging can be safely performed in a single machine in a very narrow space? Maybe with a guillotine operation…

Powder dispensing and bottle packaging can be safely performed in an OEB5 isolator thanks to the pneumatic guillotine, an internal vertical door. But what benefits does this configuration offer? Understandably, not all the space in a rigid isolator with multiple chambers is optimally utilised.

The equipment, housed in a very compact space, consists of three chambers:

  1. Entry and Exit Chamber: after decontamination, for the entry and exit of bottles in which the weighed product is packaged.
  2. Intermediate Weighing Chamber: dedicated to weighing the product.
  3. Final Chamber: where the dry powder, discharged from above, is sieved before being weighed in the adjacent chamber and packaged.

For instance, when passing material from one chamber to another, the volume of the door that must be opened to separate the chambers must be considered. Typically, this operation is performed manually, involving specific movements such as switching from one glove to another, which increases work times.

Internal Pneumatic Vertical Door.

Our pneumatic vertical door reduces volumes, automates opening and closing operations, and ensures the seal of each isolator chamber. The workflow of this station allows material to enter the first chamber through the single door with which it is equipped. This door also hosts a bag-out canister. From the first chamber, through the guillotine, you can enter the weighing chamber. The scale can be conveniently placed in this space, as there are no obstacles, and there is a provision for running the power cable to the wall. Every space is designed and sized to easily move the bottles for packing the product. A second vertical door separates and seals the final chamber intended for discharging operations.

Each chamber has been leak tested with a pressure drop curve of less than 8 Pa per minute for 5 minutes of testing. Lastly, each of the three chambers is equipped with oxygen transmitters that interlock the isolator.

Main features:

  • Full GMP standards
  • Parts in contact with the process in AISI 316L
  • Internal chamber surfaces coated with acid-proof treatment
  • Conductive EPDM gaskets and seals
  • Conductive EPDM gloves
  • Differential pressure indicators/transmitters
  • Flowmeter on high nitrogen flow line
  • Flowmeter on low nitrogen flow line
  • Oxygen analyser
  • Single HEPA filter class H14
  • Double-stage HEPA filter “push-push safe change system” class H14
  • One spray ball dedicated to the nitrogen inlet, useful for facilitating inerting inside the chamber and protecting the filter
  • One spray gun dedicated to washing the internal surfaces of the chamber
  • Inverter-controlled extraction fan for adjusting the vacuum inside the chamber
  • Control system consisting of a PLC and HMI for supervision and control of the equipment
  • Option to install a corrugated canister to accommodate a DN 200 continuous liner in the inlet chamber for any sampling material transfer

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info: containment@csv-ls.com


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