Contained Unloading System for a Rotating dryer trough a mill.

contained unloading system render

The main trait of Csv Containment is to find optimal containment solutions for every situation, even for pre-existing ones, as in the case of this Contained unloading system placed under a mill.

Contained unloading system means assuring safe operation during a specific processing phase. In addition to this basic goal, having an overall view of the problems is the purpose of those working on the equipment and of CSV Containment. Indeed, the mill unloading must be a safe operation as well as the loading phase. That is the reason why our technicians ensured the safety of all the passages between the rotating dryer and the mill unloading underneath through dedicated solutions. Afterward these solutions have been implemented through further upgrades based on feedback from operators.

Working together listening to the customer’s needs.

This is an example of what working together means to us in CSV Containment. It means listening to the customer’s needs, proposing new solutions, building equipment and being ready to improve every aspect, depending on the experience of those operating the machines on a daily basis.

Safety, ergonomics and quality of work are crucial aspects for our work, and our customised products meet increasingly high standards, thanks to tests and simulations carried out directly in CSV Containment’s production areas.

In the example in the photo, a transfer sleeve is connected to the drier with an antidust collar. This first step allows the safe entrance of the product into the mill, by means of a transparent and flexible antistatic film tube made in our laboratories and easily replaceable. The limited space also required an intervention on the mill position, for which a dedicated support structure was built to accommodate an independent station underneath to contain the unloading in drums and the correction of their final weight in line.

Flexibility, even in our work…

The station initially consisted of a plexiglass pre-chamber and exit chamber and a flexible central isolator, a hybrid solution made possible by the constant collaboration of the rigid and flexible containment design departments of Csv Containment.

Certainly, this solution allowed testing operations with a less impactful choice in terms of both footprint and economics, ready for an upgrade, given its semi-modular nature.

The operators, after a few work sessions, were able to establish the feasibility of a rigid central chamber, without complicating or disrupting unloading operations and guaranteeing better operations, including station cleaning.

The upgrade of the mill’s confinement system has further improved containment performance, supported by a steel truck equipped with 4 worm gear lifting devices to raise the chamber approximately 150- 200mm above the ground and pivotal wheels with brakes for easy movement.

Therefore, the final isolator consists of two rigid chambers at the ends and a central rigid chamber made of Plexiglas panels, which allows extreme visibility during all working phases.

The mill unloading point is also connected to the underlying structure through a flexible solution, thanks to a 350-500mm diameter corrugated insert fitted into the plexiglass ceiling of the central chamber.

Between the three plexiglass chambers there are pneumatic sliding doors to isolate the pre-chamber and the post-chamber, which can be controlled by pedal from the outside.


Mill BIBO features:

Anti-dust safety collar, which squeezes and secure the flexible neck of the dryer drum sleeve
• 3 plexiglass chambers station with internal sliding Doors configuration
pre and post chamber
• 8 gloves
PTFE Spray Gun, one on each chamber
• Draining point
Pivotal wheels with brakes
• 4 worm gear lifting devices
• Inlet and Extraction HEPA Filters
• 3 Platforms equipped with Drum Transport balls, fully removable for cleaning purposes
Weighing Scale

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