The drum discharging glove box is among the most representative models within the vast production of rigid isolators made by CSV Containment.

Powder transfer operations are made safer by the double iris on this drum discharging glove box, which is also prepared for pneumatic transfer. The glove box is equipped with a pneumatic lifter fully protected by safety grids. The lifter allows through some quick and simple maneuvers, the entry of drums of different diameters and weights into the chamber. All operations, including opening and closing the double containment irises, can be automated. Different recipes can be programmed, to be recalled according to the types of processing being done. The iris system can be considered universal because of its great versatility. Once the material has been safely transferred and the drum unloaded, the operator can also conveniently carry out bag out operations. The chamber is equipped with a door connected to a continuous liner system made by CSV Containment. In addition to liner production CSV also makes a practical double clamping system called Twin Tie. A pneumatic gun was also recently introduced to facilitate closing operations.

We follow the transfer to the very end.

The transfer of powders does not, of course, end in the chamber; rather, its journey begins here. This is why CSV Containment is constantly looking at all the innovative systems on the market to prepare the necessary connections. Interface systems to other facilities, such as powder pumps, are studied, taking into account the space and needs of the clients. A 360-degree tailor-made, from the type of drums to the length and diameter of the liners, from the valves present under the hopper to the ventilation and pressure systems required by the customer. Officine Galesso, a CSV Life Science Group company, also manufactures lump-breaker systems of different sizes to complete the supply.

The main features of the Drum Discharging Glove Box:

  • Double Drum Iris Technology (DIT®) for drums docking
  • Automatic Lifting system for drums
  • Chamber with 2 gloves
  • WIP system with PTFE Spray Gun
  • DN 300 Continuous liner as waste bag out
  • ATEX rate: 1/21 internal – 2/22 external
  • Full GMP standards
  • Process contact parts built in AISI 316L
  • DIT ® system based on 2 Iris valves provided with different type of materials: internal valve in not conductive (FDA compliant) EPDM, external valve in black conductive EPDM
  • Bottom equipped with an hopper (trapezoidal conical shape) to convoy the powder to the exit fitting
  • HMI panel for equipment monitoring
  • Fan, for ATEX application, integrated in the casing of the isolator
  • Feeder valve ValvEngineering
  • Bottom T-Shape pipe for Pneumatic transfer system connection

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:


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