Fully automated contained Drum Handling system with Lump Breaker.


Lump Breaker or granulator: the solution for break up larger agglomerates improving the flow characteristics of dry materials.

After an extended storage, dry bulk materials may become compressed. Therefore, a lump breaker for de-agglomeration operations is required. Exposure to moisture can also form hard lumps that require more to tease apart. So, a lump breaker installed directly under a Drum Discharge Station is a good solution to break down larger lumps. Thanks to the rapid rotation of the blades, CSV Containment new lump breaker can fragment any clods. This new Drum Handling system is the perfect combination of the need to handle drums of different sizes and the need to fragment blocks of discharged material.

This is possible thanks to DIT technology, CSV Containment’s patented system, with which the Fully automated contained Drum Handling system is equipped.

This means that CSV Containment is able to offer a complete system to guarantee a fast and safe flow of processes that can use different materials from drums of varying diameters. Our machines are fully customisable, also according to the required de-agglomeration needs. In fact, different materials may require different types of Lump Breaker. All our models are designed by CSV Containment engineering office in collaboration with the clients to truly meet their needs and expectations.

The Drum Handling system is equipped with:

  • A fully automated Drum Handling integrating the Double IRIS interface to the Drum Tipper functioning;
  • High Drum offloading Capacity & Maximum Ergonomics; Operator has just take care about the drum positioning on the tipper and ask for the drum insertion/extraction to/from the chamber
  • High Containment performances; OEB4 & 5 guaranteed by the combination of the Iris Interface, negative pressure and Bag out continuous liner
  • An High Capacity Lump Breaker; the Plowshares Rotating Shaft assures very hard lumps breaking
  • Nitrogen Purging and O2% controls assure inert inner chamber atmosphere
  • FDA and Conductive materials
  • ATEX Rating
  • Stainlees Steel or Alloy realization

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:containment@csv-ls.com


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