Bench isolator – bright, transparent and rigid – that’s the solution.

plexiglass isolator
double chamber plexiglass isolator

Can a bench isolator with greater transparency characteristics than flexible materials be made that is both rigid and safe?

The bench isolator with a Plexiglass double chamber by CSV Containment is a product that is completely transparent in all its parts, thanks to the high light transmittance factor guaranteed by Plexiglass. A material slightly better than the Polycarbonate, that however guarantees optimum visibility for operators.

The comfort experience that CSV Containment wants to offer its customers is completed by Polyurethane gloves with Plexiglass flanges and super magnets embedded in the walls. The first feature makes the surfaces totally transparent, while the second characteristic allows to equip the isolator from the inside using magnetic accessories. Indeed, the super magnets guarantee maximum flexibility of use and allow perfect cleaning of the internal surfaces.

The isolator works under negative pressure thanks to an automatic extraction system that regulates the suction power and humidity level by flushing dry compressed air. The turbulence inside the chamber is also controlled so as not to interfere with the weighing accuracy. This benchtop isolator guarantees a containment degree of OEB5.

The chamber can also be set up in an open bottom version for connection to a workbench, as shown in the picture below. This configuration also ensures a high degree of containment.

smepac test on plexiglass isolator
Smepac test on plexiglass isolator

Main features:

  • Transparent Plexiglass perimeter walls
  • Chamber that can be equipped from the inside with magnetic accessories (magnets embedded in the walls)
  • External display for control system management
  • Openable front wall equipped with 2 gloves (or more depending on size), on oval transparent Plexiglass flanges, made of polyurethane or polyethylene, completely transparent and ambidextrous
  • Back wall fitted with two gloves with the same characteristics as the front wall
  • Variable speed fan connected to inverter
  • Inlet/outlet absolute filter
  • Controlled humidity
  • Pressure cascade between chamber and pre-chamber
  • Bag out liner with cap inside chamber

Additional equipment:

  • LED lamp
  • Overlapping petal diaphragms as an alternative to gloves

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more


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