Polycarbonate Universal Bench Isolator.

polycarbonate transparent bench isolator

Polycarbonate: the perfect solution for a lab Bench Isolator.

Performing risky operations, such as handling high potent powders, in laboratory has become easier and safer thanks to the new Polycarbonate Universal Bench Isolator built by Csv Containment.

When handling high potent powders, it is essential to confine the atmosphere around them, so as to both reduce the presence of particulates in the room and protect the product. Our Polycarbonate Universal Bench Isolator is the ideal solution for your laboratory, also because it is easy to clean thanks to the rigid transparent panels and with the main rounded corners walls.


  • 15-20mm thick transparent polycarbonate chamber with rounded corners
  • 1200mm x 800 base deep, other size available
  • front opening available on steel gas pistons or secured by locking devices
  • main chamber equipped with two gloves (round or oval) on flanges in white or black HDPE (conductive), in white CSM or black conductive EPDM
  • pre chamber with opening door equipped with one glove
  • universal deep for a standard bench
  • kit for negative pressure plug and play upgrade
  • extraction by pneumatic Venturi device or variable speed fan, intercepted by a manual butterfly valve downstream and HEPA H14 filter upstream
  • inlet HEPA H14 (background air) or cartridge 0,22 miceon /for gases)
  • differential pressure trasmitter and indicator in the chamber
  • PTFE spray gun with a quick-fit through-wall connection
  • openable draining points at the bottom
  • HMI (Human machine interface or control panel)
  • support trolley made of AISI304 steel, mobile on braked and pivoting wheels

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:containment@csv-ls.com


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