Contained Down Cross.

Contained Down Cross

The Contained Down Cross is a practical solution to carry out small pharmaceutical processing and IPC activities directly in the production area, without using dedicated external rooms and therefore optimising the personnel and materials flow.

Down Cross render
Contained Down Cross render

Common Down Crosses create a protected area within their volume, where it is possible to handle products and processes and carry out in-process analysis or quality control activities, minimising exposure to environments and/or agents (operators). However, CSV Contained Down Cross was created to guarantee further protection, even for operators. The vertical laminar flow, equipped with absolute Hepa filters and operating inside the plexiglass glove box, makes the Contained Downcross a collective protective equipment.

Negative or positive pressure.

Performing operations in a confined atmosphere reduces the presence of powders on the premises while ensuring product protection. Our Contained Downcrosses can also work under negative or positive pressure, depending on requirements.

The plexiglass structure, equipped with an openable front and three gloves, is a solution that guarantees visibility and ergonomics for all the operators. Moreover, the equipment is also equipped with a scale for precision weighing, connected to an eBRS electronic batch document management system.

The air flow, subjected to absolute filtration (HEPA Filtration), allows the achievement of a pharmaceutical class according to EU GMP Annex 1 Grade A or ISO5, “in AT REST conditions”.

Here are the main features of the structure:

  • glove box with transparent plexiglass perimeter walls.
  • opening front equipped with 3 gloves, on oval flanges in white PE/PTFE (or black conductive for ATEX version) and gloves in white CSM (or black conductive EPDM for ATEX version).
  • scale (ATEX 1.21) with base of 350 x 280 mm.
  • filter fan unit with HEPA H14 absolute terminal filter (with pre-filter) or variable speed fan connected to inverter in panel in safe area (for ATEX version).
  • work surface consisting of a removable perforated steel panel.
  • DN100 clamp plugs that can be fitted with cable pass-through to power the instruments used internally.
  • wall equipped with a 6” diameter EZIFLOW double guillotine door.
  • adapter with 6” port and a 6” EZIFLOW Passive for a 10 m continuous liner.

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more


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