flexible reactor charging isolator

More and more companies in the Pharma world are choosing glove bags for reactor loading, but what are the main advantages that this solution offers?

Glove bags for reactor loading can guarantee a rapid response to the development needs of new processes in terms of costs and time. “We have tight schedules and within six months from when we are asked to produce batches of a product, we must be ready” says the head of new product introduction at a Pharma multinational.

“Flexible systems allow us to upgrade in a short time, and the aspect related to quality should not be underestimated, as working in production runs significantly streamlines the steps compared to a rigid structure dedicated to the process, and this aspect is highly appreciated by quality managers. Think, for example, of the entire Cleaning Validation theme. Then, in the case of slightly older facilities, it is necessary to understand that we are not dealing with structures designed and oriented towards containment, so sometimes the spaces are not adequate to accommodate glove boxes. If we have to use old plants with limited space and with bulky piping that does not allow easy access to the plant’s hatch, glove bags for reactor loading allow us to quickly design a structure and make it suitable in a short time for containment during the loading phase.”

When new plants are built, the design is dedicated and studied taking into account the dimensions and needs of rigid structures, especially where highly active powders are handled and a high degree of containment is required. But even in this case, flexible isolators have proven to be a valid alternative and not necessarily a stopgap solution.

A conscious choice.

“When implementing a new project, this type of isolator is generally considered if there‚Äôs not a large containment requirement, because sometimes salts or different types of raw materials are also loaded. In certain situations, using a very rigid structure that forces more complicated work means having a significant ergonomic impact. Therefore, glove bags for reactor loading prove to be the right compromise and even if they have to be replaced after each campaign, this turns out to be the fastest work procedure. We have about six loading stations of this type, and the flexible one has become a standard for us for certain types of processing.”

The opinion of those directly involved who work daily with these structures is for CSV Containment the confirmation of the quality of the work and research that is constantly carried out in the field of containment. Being able to rely on a constant production of both rigid and flexible solutions allows offering clients a broad and complete perspective of solutions. Customization, of course, always remains a constant, and mastering both technologies can also lead to hybrid and unique solutions.

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