Monday, June 5, 2023
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To overcome and improve the traditional Bag In Bag Out procedure, which is used worldwide to couple drums in isolation technology applications, CSV Containment has designed and manufactured a Double Iris Interface (DIT®) system, an innovative device for drum handling, containment and automation. The DIT® system can be placed on both rigid and flexible isolators and consists of a cylindrical passage box with full-diameter opening and closing ends by means of an elastic elastomer diaphragm instead of folding doors. The double elastic barrier allows to minimize the contact surface of the drum with the internal atmosphere of the contaminated chamber and to automate the insertion and extraction operations. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a negative or positive pressure difference between the double iris passage box and the adjacent chambers. Based on the DIT® technology, we have also created the Iris mouse hole pass through.

Drum Iris Technology Latest Posts

DIT® Flexible Isolators.

DIT® Flexible Isolators’ technology represents one of the most versatile solutions on the market for safe reactor charging. DIT® flexible isolators are the result of combining two experiences in which CSV Containment is achieving important results: materials processed in the “Flexilab” and patented iris technology. The materials, which are certified and produced in compliance with […]

Three-chamber dispensing isolator with DIT® system.

A three-chamber dispensing isolator needs a suitable working space in a production area, but is it possible to use it by charging drums and discharging in a bin even in rooms with low heights?  Ergonomics is crucial when working, whether it is a three-chamber dispensing isolator or a drum discharging system. CSV Containment is well […]

Rotating dryer drum charging and discharging.

Drum charging and discharging in a rotating dryer have always been critical issues. However, CSV Containment doesn’t stop at much of anything! There are several problems concerning drum charging and discharging operations in a rotating dryer, first of all because of the need to contain coupling and decoupling at any charging step. In the second place, […]

New assembly workshop.

The new CSV Containment assembly workshop is a sign of quality for whoever wants excellence products made of selected raw materials, carefully manufactured and even tailor made. CSV Life Science Group, after years of work and experience in the Pharma world, has decided to start a new assembly workshop for some of its products, given the […]

Fully automated contained Drum Handling system with Lump Breaker.

Lump Breaker or granulator: the solution for break up larger agglomerates improving the flow characteristics of dry materials. After an extended storage, dry bulk materials may become compressed. Therefore, a lump breaker for de-agglomeration operations is required. Exposure to moisture can also form hard lumps that require more to tease apart. So, a lump breaker installed […]

Drum Iris Pneumatic Reactor Charging Isolator.

Drum Iris Pneumatic Reactor Charging Isolator has been built to create a universal, small, smart, light and movable station to contain reactor charging by drums via dedicated flange, manway or via Vacuum transfer systems. Drum Iris (double) interface has been challenged to verify its containment performances. The test protocol has been performed according to Standard […]

Drum Iris Vacuum Transfer Station

Vacuum Transfer by Drum Iris Technology This Vacuum Transfer station is designed to help operators safely transfer materials out of drums. The pneumatic lifter allows inverting drums to remove the contents with few operator interaction. The hopper geometry on the bottom is studied to let the powder flow down to the suitable rotary valve. By […]

Big Bag Discharging via IRIS Docking

Big Bag Discharging via IRIS Docking with integrated Cleaning in Place. This new Drum Iris Technology device includes a few innovations and has been developed to meet No Contamination/Exposition requirements and in the meanwhile the easiest and fastest Big Bag interfacing and Big Bag discharging operation. Main features: A Top Iris allows to: big bag […]