Drum Iris Two Movements Reactor Charging Station


This special reactor charging station can work horizontally or rotate completely by means of an automatic cycle.

Drum Iris Two Movements Reactor Charging Station
Render of two movements charging station

Drum Iris Two Movements Reactor Charging station features:

  • Made of one single equipment that is the merge of the drum sliding lifter and the tilting charging station, equipped with an automatic double iris drum pass box
  • Movable
  • Based on Drum Iris Technology using a double iris pass box as contained drum interface
  • ATEX
  • Two sides operations (the free side grooved glove flanges can be used as waste bag out) feature make DRC XS universal and operable in small space thanks to its small size
  • N2 injection available
  • As optional a negative pressure cascade is available between the main chamber and the double iris drum pass box interface
  • ATEX Lifter is pneumatically actuated and self-standing.
  • Connection to the manway adapter by a clamp flexible sleave


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