Flexible Sampling Device
Flexible Sampling Device onsite

Flexible Sampling Device: a smart, simple, in line, clamp-connected sampling device at the ready!

canister with dust free collar
canister with dust free collar made by CSV Containment

It makes easier in line sampling procedures followed during unloading operations; the flexible sampling device reduces hardware size and improves the procedures that need to be carried out to take samples.

Oftentimes sampling devices are very invasive and require equipment modification with complex and expensive operations.

Our Flexible Sampling Device just need a clamp connection , or in case of an adaptor, a small gap available and can be operated following an extremely fast procedure:

  • Opening the valve
  • Waiting for the powder to fall into the liner
  • Applying the twin crimps
  • Separating the sample contained in the bottom liner by cutting the twin crimps
  • Transfer to the QC Lab

As an optional added feature to clean up the device is provided by a T shape sleeve and a 3” to 1 “ conical grooved canister with bottom valve, which allows CIP at containment

Finding a way to ease these steps is fundamental in order to save time, material and avoid any mistake. Indeed, it is not uncommon that some of these procedures need to be repeated due to the difficulty in applying all of these movements without hesitation or delay.

A helpful hand would be appreciated! And here it is: our corrugated canisters that can be supplied with an anti-dust collar chained to the canister, able to fix and quickly remove the liner with the help of a useful tool always at the ready!

The CSV product list includes a range of liners and prepared in accordance with the measurements and needs of our clients. Our liners are available in different colours and sizes, depending on the diameter of the canisters. You can download a brochure with all the details from here (CSV_Containment_Continuous_Liners)

CSV Containment is committed to the continuous improvement of containing procedures and to fulfilling in the best possible way all safety and productivity needs of the manufacturing facilities it serves.


Flexible Sampling Device panel
Flexible Sampling Device with valve

CSV Containmentis present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:containment@csv-ls.com


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