Big Bag Discharging via IRIS Docking


Big Bag Discharging via IRIS Docking with integrated Cleaning in Place.

This new Drum Iris Technology device includes a few innovations and has been developed to meet No Contamination/Exposition requirements and in the meanwhile the easiest and fastest Big Bag interfacing and Big Bag discharging operation.

big bag discharging
render docking

Main features:

  1. A Top Iris allows to:
  • big bag  detaching operations
  • squeeze the big bag offloading neck allowing powder flow dosing
  1. Retractable and rotating spray balls guarantee cleaning and place and full decontamination before Big Bag Undocking and detaching
  2. Iris Cleaning Cap, equipped with inflatable seal, allows the Iris decontamination
  3. Easily upgradable to High Containment Configuration and Performances
  4. Plug and Play installation

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