System for charging Big Bag
Iris docking Big Bag Charging

CSV Containment – Iris docking Big Bag Charging

System for charging Big Bag applied to industrial environments which allows the coupling of the neck in a confined space and without exposure to the product.

The parts in contact with the product can be made of AISI 316L or anti-acid material such as hastelloy or coated steel.

The iris elastomer can be made of conductive EPDM and other materials depending on the customer’s needs.

System for charging Big Bag applied to industrial environments
Iris docking Big Bag Charging

The glove bag is made of antistatic LDPE available in different thicknesses with certifications and features depending on the product treated. The isolator is designed to allow the coupling of the big bag to the drain and can be equipped with a Bag out path and a sampling system.

The system can be realized in a pneumatically or manually actuated version and minimizes the overall dimensions, making it also suitable for less generous spaces. The opening and closing of the system is carried out by means of two pistons at which it is possible to balance the movements and allow the structure to rise and fall uniformly.

It’s possible to flush the internal chamber with filtered compressed air, to obtain a pharma grade.

Every systems can be customized matching any request from the production area.

Features of Iris docking Big Bag Charging:

  • Single manual Iris system
  • Glove Bag with two gloves
  • Hopper with loading tube
  • Pneumatic handling


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