Iris Dosing Equipment.


CSV Containment presents a manually operated iris dosing equipment as an alternative to rotary valves, ensuring control, precision, and safety.

Unloading bulk solid material can be a troublesome and risky operation if not managed correctly. Let’s explore how the iris dosing equipment derived from DIT® technology can help manage this delicate phase of unloading into continuous liner drums. In fact, controlling product flows, such as highly active powders, is primarily a safety need for the operator but also a matter of quality related to the product itself.

Ordinarily, dosing operations during the unloading phase from a dryer, for instance, are ensured by a rotary valve that allows regulating flows uniformly. However, it requires constant cleaning and hence several maintenance operations. Hence, the iris dosing equipment from CSV Containment could be an interesting upgrade possibility or an installation option on a new plant with drum unloading via liner.

The DIT® Technology.

The external positioning of the iris derived from the DIT® system compared to the powder flow guarantees cleanliness and ease of use. The iris acts as a dispenser due to its manual opening and closing mechanism, allowing regulation of the quantity weighed by the scale under the drum. The scale is connected to a display mounted on the structure, enabling operators to work more precisely as the material is unloaded into the continuous liner. Therefore, once the desired dose is reached, it will be enough to carry out the separation operation using CSV Containment’s Twin Tie® kit. Excess product will be available for the next weighing or, if to be discarded, it can be separated from the rest of the liner through the Twin Tie® system.

The diameter of the dispensing iris is customizable, and the canister onto which the liners are mounted has an inflatable gasket. The liners are also available according to customer needs and produced by CSV Containment in different diameters, shapes, lengths, and colors. All systems are always designed based on customer needs, available spaces, and the diameters of the interface to which they are applied.

The system consists of:

  • an adapted flange, with hopper, to connect the equipment from which to unload
  • corrugated canister with an inflatable bag-tightening gasket
  • folded or donut-shaped liner made-in-Italy
  • DN450 iris with a steel body and conductive EPDM diaphragm
  • floor scale placed on a cart equipped with wheels
  • weight control display mounted on the structure of the iris dosing
  • ATEX configuration

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:



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