Rotating dryer drum charging and discharging.


Drum charging and discharging in a rotating dryer have always been critical issues. However, CSV Containment doesn’t stop at much of anything!

There are several problems concerning drum charging and discharging operations in a rotating dryer, first of all because of the need to contain coupling and decoupling at any charging step. In the second place, also allowing rotation while avoiding both physical constraints and utility connection activities may represent a difficulty.

Moreover, another challenge for drum charging and discharging operations is to optimize the length of the grooved canister so that it can host enough continuous liner while avoiding any interference between the rotating equipment and its steel support structure.

Likewise, drum handling, transferring, lifting, and rotating at a higher level close to the charging point are not trouble-free operations as well as safely opening and closing the manway before and after drum charging and discharging operations.

Last but not least, the charging circuit must be easily secured. Indeed, it must be so tight that there is no powder flow leakage while, at the same time, allowing the best possible ergonomics for operations that often take place at floor level and over removable grids and safety barriers.

Working side by side with the client.

Once again, CSV Containment has successfully accepted and overcome this challenge by working in synergy with an API manufacturing company to realize a flexible solution that is easy to install. The skid we realized is also quick and light to remove, ergonomic to use, and easy to clean and decontaminate in compliance with all charging and discharging containment needs. In addition, the skid overcomes the space problems of the existing station, which had little room at the bottom.

The containment solution we proposed for a Finishing Facility Modernization Project, has resulted from a close collaboration with our client’s production team, their extensive experience and a clear vision of the operations to be contained. Together we identified optimization of material flows and the appropriate containers, always working following good manufacturing practices. Finally, the success of the preliminary tests conducted together with the customer allowed us to realize the final solution for the rotating drier contained coupling.

Rotating Drier Charging – Functioning

Charging of the rotating dryer is achieved with the drums and from its top through the manway by a PLUG & PLAY coupling and decoupling device. The station consists of a steel support structure hosting a flexible isolator. The structure can slide on steel rails to both reach the charging point when necessary and free itself when needed to access the manway.

Technical features:

  • Guided sliding(through rails) of the charging skid from the rest position to the charge position, allowing full access to the channel to open and close it when needed.
  • Quick and fast manway coupling due to plug-in inflatable seal adaptor, no connection to compressed air in needed as the drive is manual.
  • Clean powder charging through flexible dissipative film transfer sleeve and anti-dust collar
  • Universal flexible isolator, operable from both sides
  • Universal contained drum coupling interface via Drum Iris Technology;
  • 560 mm diameter manual iris with EPDM conductive diaphragmand steel structure
  • PTFE cleaning spray gun with quick coupling through CPC Connection
  • Cleaning tight iris cap to achieve no leakage during high-pressure cleaning
  • Pneumatic drum handling fully integrated into the IRIS sliding station. The operator only needs to place the drum to be emptied on the pneumatic platform and press the button to raise the drum tipper, which automatically rotates to penetrate the iris interface and enter the flexible isolation chamber
  • ATEX rated
  • Nitrogen injection

Rotating Drier Discharging – Functioning

Drum discharging containment in rotating dryer is achieved from the bottom of the station with:

  • A continuous liner placed on a grooved steel canister. The operation is fully contained thanks to the dissipative continuous liner realized using the already qualified film of the client. The liner is appropriately sized to discharge an entire batch, avoiding the need to change the liner package during operations.
  • An inflatable seal that allows a fast drum liner insertion and secures the liner on the grooved canister while discharging powder into the drum. The seal inflates and the liner must be unrolled to create the next drum liner volume. The inflatable seat oscillates and lifts vertically when space needs to be made around the grooved canister to install a new continuous liner pack. The inflatable seal can be connected to the compressed air circuit, but, in that case, any rotation of the dryer must be turned off or otherwise operated by a rubber manual pump so that the dryer rotates with the equipment without disconnecting the seal from the fixed point.

Technical characteristics:

  • ATEX Rated
  • Nitrogen injection and vent/vacuum circuit

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:


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