Glove Box for Chemical Synthesis in a pilot plant.


CSV Containment realized a glove box for a chemical laboratory handling highly active substances in a pilot plant, which requires safe working conditions just as much as production areas.

However, the spaces, quantities, and times differ in the two environments, and specific dedicated solutions, such as in the case of this glove box, are designed to meet the needs of those working there.

CSV Containment is the ideal partner for all custom containment needs in facilities and laboratories where highly active substances are handled. Our experience in realizing tailor-made and equipped glove boxes, hosting different tools, and meeting all the required ergonomic needs, leads us to design step by step with the client the ideal isolator for every workspace.

OEB5 is the containment grade of this newly developed glove box, custom-built for a chemical laboratory, along with a range of other equipment dedicated to ensuring safe work with the handled substances.

Working safety, both for operators and products, inside the glove box chambers is realized by the negative pressure control between them.

The main chamber, double-glazed and with folding openings, is intended to house two glass pilot scale reactors, in which quantities of pilot plant product will be processed.

The chamber is equipped with internal power outlets that can be activated or deactivated depending on the products being handled inside. A connection plate with several pass-throughs ensures the configuration of utilities needed to work. On the isolator back wall, there are supports for lab tools. The bag-out liners are supplied by CSV Containment internal production, which can satisfy all size, length, thickness, and quality requirements of the customer.

Main features:

  • Pre-chamber with a front door secured in closure by gasket and equipped with a conductive EPDM glove
  • Working chamber equipped with two front panels that can be opened, hinged, and fitted with manual gas pistons, with 4 gloves each made of conductive EPDM and secured in closure by inflatable gaskets
  • Exit of material from the work chamber through a liner mounted on a side bag out corrugated canister, approximately 350 mm in diameter, equipped with a hatch
  • Continuous liner containment separation achieved through the TWIN TIE, a system of containment liner separation consisting of a crimping tool, a cutter, and safety caps
  • Chambers realized in 4 mm AISI316L steel with mirror finish inside
  • Chambers with upper and lower rounded corners (radius 50)
  • Spry gun and rotating spry ball inside
  • Push-Push Filter in extraction (safe change system), grow box filters in discharge
  • Man-machine interface realized with touch panel (HMI) to show operation parameters (status, alarm condition, opening-closing doors, and negative pressure)

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:


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