Three-chamber dispensing isolator with DIT® system.


A three-chamber dispensing isolator needs a suitable working space in a production area, but is it possible to use it by charging drums and discharging in a bin even in rooms with low heights? 

Ergonomics is crucial when working, whether it is a three-chamber dispensing isolator or a drum discharging system. CSV Containment is well aware of this problem since it has developed and patented the DIT® technology, a solution to host drums with different diameters and equipped with a double iris system that provides more security for products and operators. Over the years, CSV Containment has installed its irises on both rigid and flexible isolators. This huge dispensing isolator is beneficial not only because of the unique automated drum charging solution, but also because it allows operators to easily access the discharging area through bins. How? You can observe it in the sequence below. A real drawbridge allows the platform, divided into two parts, to be lifted manually for easy access to the working area.

Many solutions to facilitate the operators’ work.

This solution facilitates the discharging operations from the dispensing chamber thanks to the Charge Point split valve as well as the platform, which does not need to be removed. Th

e DIT® installed on this isolator ensures a universal approach to drum discharging, since it allows performing pre-chamber transfers with very different dosages of both API and excipients. The diameter of drums hosted by the iris can be adjusted and programmed, as well as the horizontal sliding and vertical movement of the lifter to accommodate different heights.

Quantities in heavy bags can then be transferred to the main chamber without having to cross curbs or dividing doors.  This is possible thanks to the use of internal doors equipped with inflatable gaskets on the outer profiles. The gaskets inflate as they meet the chamber walls and consequently block the door. In addition to being an extremely practical solution for not having to lift weights, the continuous surface facilitates cleaning operations inside the chambers.

A dedicated approach.

Our works provide flexibility and experience to meet every customer’s need. We are not afraid to address all the issues, which from the very beginning lead our stakeholders to choose us for our ability to set up tailor-made configurations. A dedicated approach that increasingly pushes CSV Containment to tackle complex and ambitious challenges, as in the case of this three-chamber dispensing isolator with OEB 5 containment level.

Main features:

  • The isolator is based on 3 main chambers:
    • Inlet chamber with 2 elliptical glove ports and 2 gloves
    • Weighing chamber with 4 elliptical glove ports and 4 gloves
    • Outlet chamber with 2 elliptical glove ports and 2 gloves
  • DIT® double iris drum charging system with lifter
  • Foldable roller conveyor for direct charging from the warehouse
  • Predisposition for High Containment ACTIVE 6” (or similar size) Split Butterfly Valve for BIN loading
  • Stainless steel platform for operator’s activities with drawbridge door for BIN access and docking
  • DN 400 Continuous liner as waste bag out
  • Lifter for Drums lifting
  • WIP system
  • Control Panel (HMI)
  • Full GMP standards
  • Cfr21 Part 11 compliance
  • Process contact parts made of AISI 316L
  • Frame and other parts made of AISI30
  • Each chamber is equipped with spray-guns and spray-balls (Cleaning In Place)
  • Inlet air HEPA H14 filtered with a single push-push safe change system
  • Exhaust will be double HEPA H14 filtered with a 2 push-push safe change system
  • Lighting fixtures with LED lamps
  • Connection for Compressed Air (CA) and Nitrogen (N2)
  • WIP connection
  • Mettler Toledo scales for product weighing
  • Bag out via continuous liner on a DN400 grooved steel canister
  • Continuous liner ports covered by a cap hooked on the inner chamber surface

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:



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