DIT® Flexible Isolators.

glove bag on reactor
glove bag on reactor

DIT® Flexible Isolators’ technology represents one of the most versatile solutions on the market for safe reactor charging.

DIT® flexible isolators are the result of combining two experiences in which CSV Containment is achieving important results: materials processed in the “Flexilab” and patented iris technology. The materials, which are certified and produced in compliance with high-quality standards, are custom processed in one of the two CSV Life Science Group workshops operating in Piedmont. In addition to the isolator’s flexible part, continuous and folded liners are also made in the same facilities. There are different types of processed materials that can vary in thickness, transparency, and, for liners only, also in colour.

The award-winning and proven DIT® technology now boasts many applications on rigid and flexible isolators, receiving more and more positive feedback from industry players. The EPDM or Silicone irises can be replaced over time, as can the flexible part of the isolator, which is more prone to wear.

DIT® glove bag: watch the VIDEO.

Isolator and lifter during a test

The steel frame is telescopic to allow working at different heights, easily manoeuvrable thanks to pivoting and braked wheels. The legs also have a convenient compass opening, which allows the structure to be brought closer to the reactors and their charging point.

The flexible chambers can be easily assembled and disassembled thanks to button loops that allow them to be replaced quickly. The DIT® flexible isolators have an agile configuration that, thanks to the telescopic structure and compass legs, allows confinement even in situations where space is at a premium. Finally, the combination with a universal telescopic lifter completes an all-made CSV Containment supply chain.

DIT® flexible isolator features:

  • Steel telescopic light structure to be connected to a clamped manway adaptor.
  • Single or double iris drum interface
  • Iris diameter with an opening of 560 mm, able to host most of kraft fiber drums used for powders handling
  • Elastomer (the iris material) made of conductive EPDM, white EPDM, FKM or Natural rubber
  • Super transparent and super elastic film
  • Disposable/single-use configuration (LDPE gloves thermowelded and integrated into the film enclosure)
  • Spray gun for chamber flushing
  • Plastic quick-release connection (CPC) for the supply of washing fluid, compressed air, or nitrogen (from clamp caps)
  • Optional antistatic ceramic scissor, connected to the chamber by a steel-made chain/cable
  • Additional ATEX pneumatic telescopic lifter (powered by compressed air and controlled by a small pneumatic panel with a hold button)

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info: containment@csv-ls.com


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