Glass Reactor Manway Isoflex

A new universal solution for Glass Reactor Charging.

Whatch the video tutorial

The glass reactor charging point is a manway, usually a PTFE cap, modified with a 4” o a 6” end  clamp that host an active EZIFLOW cassette.

Here some pictures showing :

  • the original Glass Reactor PTFE manway
  • the end clamp modified PTFE manway
  • Eziflow active cassette on the modified glass reactor manway
  • Enclosure bottom close to be coupled to the modified eziflow manway
  • Installed Enclosure
  • Charging operations

Our charging solution is made of a clear and resistant flexible isolator (antistatic PU or LDPE at choice), equipped with:

  • 2 gloves
  • a DN350 bag in zippered sleeve
  • a DN200 waste/containers Bag Out
  • a PTFE modified Manway 4” or 6” end clamp equipped with active EZIFLOW Cassette
  • Isoflex bottom equipped with 4” or 6” passive cassette

The enclosure is sustained by bungee cords and hookd and developed by rilsan loop, on the top and the bottom. The offloading neck is equipped with a plastic clamp end (4” or 6”) connected to a passive EZIFLOW cassette.

Modified manway can resist to full vacuum and in case host a passive cassette with blind clamp cap to take a small overpressure. The enclosure can be also used to take samples and for seed charging. Connection between the Flexible isolator ant the charging point is quick and contained as its removal.

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