Tray and Freeze Dryer Containment.


Tray and freeze dryer Containment via flexible isolators is the CSV solution when there are no alternatives to ensure operators and production safety.

The tray and freeze dryer Containment is an example of how our flexible isolators can adapt to innovative and unusual situations and solve otherwise unmanageable problems. Bringing existing equipment to a containment level, whether in the laboratory or on an industrial scale, is possible through several tailored solutions that can reach even OEB5 class. In R&D labs handling HPAPI substances, for example, Tray and Freeze Dryer have similar front access, so a wheeled isolator can be used for each campaign. CSV Containment’s LDPE Isoflexes also allow safe cleaning of the equipment, shielding operators from possible fumes and vapors.

On the back of the flexible isolator, there is a flange. It is made of film to allow the isolator to be conveniently secured on the equipment’s external profiles to surround the door. The flange, secured by u-shape rubber, is divided from the inner chamber of the isolator by a zippered panel that allows it to close and segregate the chamber before its removal from the steel profile. The zippered wall allows also the closing of the chamber when it is self-standing.

These mobile isolators can also be adapted to different heights, thanks to the telescopic option, be equipped for negative pressure and inerting operations, and be accessorized with HEPA filters. These solutions are ideal for small laboratories like quality control labs and pilot departments.

Tailored solutions for industrial-scale processes.

In the case of industrial tray and freeze dryers, their containment involves various difficulties, first and foremost because of the big doors opening and closing.

However, CSV Containment has been able to identify a flexible solution by introducing a barrier. In fact, to open the door of the tray and freezer dryer, a collapsible barrier becomes the best alternative to allow the operator to reach the handle and hooks, as well as load and unload the trays themselves. A tailor-made profile surrounding the dryer door makes these installations simple, mobile, and unobtrusive. To contain industrial and large tray and freeze dryers operations the upgrade solution provides along with the barrier a table and an interface for incoming and outgoing drums. All these solutions can be installed in different areas destined for pharmaceutical processes, from small environments to new facilities up to already existing rooms.

Dedicated solutions to contain active processes.

The images shown in the gallery are a clear example of how CSV Containment has succeeded to upgrade a facility dedicated to the tray and freeze dryers. Our team worked on already existing machinery from the first step to the final packaging. Sometimes tray dryer isolation is combined with a wet cake filtering device as on the following. Here, a Buchner filter is surrounded by a glove box and a wet cake is scooped out on its top to charge the dryer where the door is properly isolated by a flexible enclosure.

Finally, CSV Containment has a team specialized in SMEPAC testing that not only gathers vital information through field experience but is also employed on-site to test customer installations under working conditions and certify their containment capacity.

Main features of mobile containment systems:

  • Flexible isolator made of antistatic LDPE or PU
  • Elastic cords and velcro loops to quickly install the isoflex
  • 2 gloves with liner discharge or side sleeves
  • Mobile steel frame on antistatic, pivoting and brake-equipped wheels
  • Back flange made of polyethylene film for attachment to equipment
  • Custom frame fixed by welded rivets on equipment
  • U-shape rubber for fastening the film to the frame

Main features of industrial containment systems:

  • Barrier collapsing for Tray Dryer door opening
  • Barrier extension for Tray Dryer door closing
  • Tray charging and discharging
  • Tray charging from powder coming via DRUMS, BIG BAGs or Small Tins/container
  • Powder offloading into drums or bags
  • Contained separation via Drum sleeves or continuous liners  
  • Inertization by N2 purging
  • Decontamination via spray gun
  • Draining via bottom clamp device
  • QC, tests and installation

CSV Containment provides tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors in terms of containment. For more info:


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