Rotating dryer charging skid & flexible isolator


Dryer drum elevator charging

The rotating dryer charging trolley, allows to get a sturdy automatic coupling between the drum and the dyrer, by means of a pneumatic lifter, thus enabling a safety charge and discharge of the product, through a decidated temporary flexible chamber. A clamping connection ensure the skid to the structure of the dryer during its turning movement, while securing the correct transfer of the material in both directions.

Rotating dryer charging skid & flexible isolator render

Features of the CSV dryer charging skid:

  • braked wheels (2 pivoting)
  • saddle with safety stop
  • flexible isolator made by CSV Containment for handling drums operations
  • customized version upon request
  • pneumatic drive to engage the trolley on the loading tube
  • clamping system to fix the profile of the dryer
  • static gasket system to ensureĀ the loading phase of the dryer
  • manual selectors for pneumatic drives (in safety configuration)


CSV Containmentis present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for theĀ LifeScience world. For more


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