Drum Sampling Flexible Containment


A mobile drum sampling skid to work in safety.

Flexible isolator
Drum sampling flexible isolator

CSV Containment presents a drum sampling isolator made by super transparent TPU film. As you can see in the video, working with this film in a trasfer powder operation is easier. The station is now available with a swinging steel made grooved canister and equipped with new and more comfortable gloves.


  • Film super transparent and super elastic
  • Bungee cords making fully elastic the film barrier facilitates operator activities
  • Flexible enclosure equipped with 2 gloves, zippered Bag In/Out sleeve
  • Mobile skid on antistatic pivotal wheels equipped with brakes
  • Swinging steel made grooved canister to allow ergonomic and easy drum safe change
  • The collapsable enclosure allows lifting up and down the swinging grooved canister
  • Drum safe change is guaranteed by contained crimping separation


Flexible isolator for sampling
Drum sampling flexible containment


CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:containment@csv-ls.com


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