Friday, August 19, 2022
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Liner & Special Devices

In our manufacturing facility we produce the continuous liners, folded or donut wound plastic packs, compressed and pre-packaged to obtain, with the lowest amount of space, several meters of material. The continuous liners can be unwound or unrolled into the drum to load dusty material, avoid any contact with the drum itself and make possible to never open the discharge circuit. An extreme versatility, which allows the creation of several solutions in different shapes and colours. They are made of usually low-density polyethylene films directly supplied by CSV Containment, but we can also transform material provided by third parties indicated by the end customers especially when already validated. In support to continuous liner, we can offer also our own crimping solutions.
Thanks to the synergy of our internal production areas, we can create and build special custom devices like the Retractable & Rotating Spray Ball Valve.

Continuous Liner Latest Posts

Upgrading existing Glove Box.

How add a new Way Out on an existing Glove Box. We produce continuous liners, flexible isolators and rigid isolators: our secret is to find the WAY OUT to satisfy your containment needs. Sometimes it is difficult to find a solution to perform sampling operation and product/waste bag out having few space, especially in rigid isolators. A […]

Pneumatic Clamp-connected device for flexible powder discharge.

Flexible powder discharge in safety with CSV Containment solutions. Filling drums with powdered products while maintaining containment is basic to ensure safe and profitable production processes. Csv Containment can realize flexible solutions designed specifically for each kind of challenge. In order to help the powder discharge into drums we have developed a special pneumatic Clamp-connected […]

Flexible isolators made in Italy, thinked for greater operator comfort.

A different way of viewing the Containment with our new flexible isolators. CSV Containment reinforces its position in the production of flexible isolators and containment systems investing in research and development. A marked versatility has allowed CSV Containment to create different solutions of Insulators and Glove Bags with particular shapes and colors, aimed at confining the most […]

Filter cake recovery isolator for openable dryer base

Contained filter cake recovery solution for openable dryer base made by Csv Containment. Filter cake recovery and cleaning operations are fundamental stages in the production processes of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors. Oftentimes, though, when dealing with toxic substances, filter-dryer discharge operation can become a complex and dangerous task. CSV Containment offers the ideal solution […]

Pass-Through Latest Posts

Contained Unloading System for a Rotating dryer trough a mill.

The main trait of Csv Containment is to find optimal containment solutions for every situation, even for pre-existing ones, as in the case of this Contained unloading system placed under a mill. Contained unloading system means assuring safe operation during a specific processing phase. In addition to this basic goal, having an overall view of […]


A new generation Iris Mouse Hole. What CSV Containment has built is not a black hole allowing to travel to another dimension. Yet, this iris stood out among the most interesting products made by CSV in 2020. A spin-off of the iris in elastomer developed for rigid and flexible containment, this valve has been developed […]

Iris Mouse Hole for Pass-Through & No Product Contact Transfer Sleeve

Pass-Through Iris Mouse Hole made by elastomer WATCH THE VIDEO! The new Iris Mouse Hole made by CSV Containment is the solution for clean No Product Contact Transfer Sleeve and to for passing throught Round shape devices (hoses , bottles , Tins, containers)  between two clean rooms (Pass-Through or Iris). In this way you can move large volumes […]

CSV Containment – Pass-Through Iris

CSV Containment – Pass-Through Iris The new valve made by CSV Containment is the solution to make transfer possible between two clean rooms (Pass-Through Iris). In this way you can move large volumes of liquids without the risk of bin breakage or spillage during bin transfer.The Iris system made by elastomer (available in EPDM NBR SILICON FKM) is designed to eliminate […]

Special Devices Latest Posts

CSV Containment – Retractable & Rotating Spray Ball Valve

CSV Containment – Retractable & Rotating Spray Ball Valve More Than Cleaning! Achieving a complete clean, the new retractable system designed by CSV Containment allows to increase ergonomics and space inside the working chambers and ensures a continued complete wetting of the walls, thanks to the rotating jet of the valve which operate with minimal drive […]