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Tailor-made solutions for containment systems.

“Over the years, CSV Life Science developed and realized several custom-made solutions dedicated to gas and powder containment for chemical and pharmaceutical areas. CSV Containment is able to provide tailor made solutions based on flexible and rigid technology. These applications have been studied for high potency drug containment (Safety), and/or creating classified (GMP) or humidity controlled areas surrounding exposed operations, especially in contamination backgrounds.

Dedicated services are:
• Toxicological Studies
• Exposure Control Practices
• Containment Systems
• Containment Testing (Smepac)

Recently CSV Containment has developed a technology to contain re-
actor-charging operations. In order to manipulate the powders under controlled conditions, the company has developed a Drum Unloading Machine (DUM) containment system with the aim of proposing a turnkey solution based on proprietary and innovative CSV technology that allows confining operations of reactor loading. This technology
immediately proved to be an innovative solution for contained drum handling in general.

Drum Iris Technology (DIT) has been created to solve problems related todispensing operations, reactor loading, drum sampling or drum transfers in Bin or other containers. Its use has the advantage of eliminating some problems deriving from the application of the classic Bag In / Bag Out procedure, such as the production of consumables, the costs asso-
ciated with transferring drums and ergonomic problems to operators.”

CSV Containment is present in the pharmaceutical market and is focused on providing engineering, construction and validation solutions for the LifeScience world. For more information:


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