Robots and Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry


In the pharmaceutical industry productions are often characterized by being dynamic and agile. In-house transports are constantly taking place: semi-finished goods move from warehouse to production lines; finished goods from production lines to warehouse, and items between departments.

Autonomous mobile robots are frequently used precisely for this purpose, as the dynamic and flexible technology enables companies to automate their internal material transportation in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The Autonomous mobile robots provide a simple e quickly deployable alternative, with built-in sensors, cameras, and sophisticated software, Autonomous mobile robots can identify their surroundings and take the most efficiente route to their destinations, safely avoiding obstacles and people.

The American surgical instrument manufacturer is an example of how manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry benefits from using mobile robots. The company has optimized its internal material flow and workflows by freeing staff resources for higher value activities.

By including a particular robot, productivity has improved dramatically by allowing warehouse employees to stage materials, load the robot with material for multiple departments, and send it on mission to deliver the material automatically in real time.

The automation of in-house transportation can be important element for medical device manufacturers to remain competitive in a global market, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Autonomous mobile robots that works safely next to humans open new opportunities because they can handle repetitive, time-consuming transportation tasks and always work reliably.

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