Sterile powder transfer: how prevent contamination

Sterile powder transfer

The ChargePoint AseptiSafe Bio valve traditionally uses hydrogen peroxide gas to bio-decontaminate the two mating surfaces of the valve before the transfer of products.

The Chargepoint recently condusted testing, in conjunction with ChlorDisys, to qualify Chlorine Dioxide (CD) gas as an alternative to H2O2 for decontamination in our AseptiSafe Bio valve.

The results of the test were reported the feasibility of CD gas to sterilize the mating surfaces to the required sterility assurance level and the length of the cycles to achieve this level. The study the compatibility of materials in contact with the CD gas, and also examined how pressure may or may not cause leaks in the system.

CSV Containment is the exclusive distributor of The Chargepoint: its technology are the market leaders in powder containment and aseptic transfer valves. For more information:


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