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In a growth trend of import-export of medicines and pharmaceutical products, which is constant in the EU area and stable in the extra-EU, Italian exports, in 2017, are estimated at 10.116 billion euros and imports in 7.703 billion euros.

In particular, EU exports and imports of medicines and pharmaceuticals reached € 156 billion and €77 billion respectively, with an increase in exports higher than imports.

While they remained substantially stable in trade outside Europe, in 2009 the share of exports increased by 1,1% and imports by 1,8%.

In 2017, the United States represented the EU’s main trade partner for medicinal and pharmaceutical products and the development of trade occurred above all in the period observed with a growth of 30 billion euros.

In the period 2002-2017, exports grew by 6.5% a year and imports grew by 5.6% a year in terms of average annual growth.

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